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Dinner With Barack

Mag14 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 6:52 PM
If you want to see REAL collective actions watch conservative people when natural disasters appear. You'll see them donate money, time and equipment to help people in need. The kind of collective action we hate is when the IRS comes and collects our money or when the government tries to collect our weapons.

Last week, I took issue with rumored 2016 contender and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who seemingly dismissed the importance of balancing the federal budget as “an obsession with government bookkeeping.”

While I promise I am not obsessed with the Governor, six words from his 3,400-word speech kept running through my mind: America is not the federal government.

Those words stand in sharp contrast to President Obama’s vision, explained in his second inaugural address, of “collective action.” Although it is, “fiction that all societies’ ills can be cured through government alone,” Obama said, “we must do these things together, as one...