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Saturday Night Live Skit Mocks ISIS

Mag14 Wrote: 42 mins ago (11:19 PM)
Etiquette is for people, not comedians. 'Too soon' is just another form of PC.
I like Gaga.
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The Squabble Over Bibi's Speech

Mag14 Wrote: 1 hour ago (10:35 PM)
Looking forward to the "[Democrat Rep/Sen] joined Obama in snubbing the Prime Minister of Israel. [Republican Rep/Sen] is the obvious choice for a close relationship with Israel. Vote [Republican Rep/Sen]. For more information visit DemsHateJews.com"
Kirk Mac is right, Jeb was and remains toast on amnesty. I really hope he doesn't get the nomination. He is unworthy for a host of reasons. This column, however, is a nasty hit piece. Tim Miller is a Republican, worked on the campaigns of McCain, Huntsman, and Romney (if anything should disqualify him for Jeb's campaign it is that none of the other three was elected). Clearly, though, he must be of some value or he wouldn't have worked for so many campaigns. Tolerance - real tolerance - is hiring people based on their skill set, not who they are screwing. I'm not into diversity for diversity's sake but if you really want to be tone-deaf and gaffe-prone you surround yourself with like-minded yes men, a pop-star's posse of boot-lickers who won't warn you when you're making a false step because to do so would be a faux pas. Obama's inner circle for example. Jeb is an uninspiring, unappetizing politico-nerd whose dynasty has done considerable damage to domestic policies over the course of three terms. He seems poised to do his family proud by carrying on their traditions of amnesty, Saudi hand-holding, meddling in education and in general compassionate conservativing us into poverty an weakness. I'll still vote for any Bush over any Clinton and Jeb will get my vote in the general election if, against all reason, we end up with this twit. So, I kinda don't like the guy. That's no reason to pillory him for hiring a two gay dudes.
Any policeman who knew of this facility should be fired. Any policeman who brought someone there should be jailed. That something like this could exist for 15+ years in the United States says as much about our clearly useless FBI as it says about Chicago's lawlessness.
This is one of those unanswerable questions. We can't know for certain what goes on in people's mind when they do something. We can look at the results and make reasoned guesses but our guesses are shaped by the philosophy each of us brings to the table. We use the phrase, 'what possessed you to do that' because when someone commits murder he often can’t believe he did it, or that it just sort of happened. We understand red rages, we understand succumbing to evil. Some believe, as the ancient Greeks did, in literal possession. Whether the murderer was ‘self-possessed’ or not seems academic to me. The real questions are; ‘is he going to do it again?’ And, ‘what are we going to do with him now?’ Most mental incarceration is little different from ordinary incarceration. That is how it should be. Because the victim is just as dead whether the killer was crazy or not.
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Fifty Shades of Sickness

Mag14 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 2:18 PM
The comparison is unfair. What the books have in common is bad writing and a plot line that involves a beautiful yet intimidating male and a biddable yet indecisive female. There are PLENTY of books like that. The difference is that Fifty Shades has mainstreamed BSDM porn (at least for itself).
"The only people, other than the Islamic extremists, who want this to become a religious war are American Christians who, so certain are they of their religious superiority, are praying daily that the clash will become an all out apocalyptic war." This is a far-too popular misconception - lie, really - about Christianity. It probably began as apocalyptic movie fodder and then became one of the leading ideas non-believers have about believers. The fact is that the Abrahamic religions have in common a belief in an End Time when God will separate the sinners from the worthy all at once. Just before that will be trials and tribulations during which God's representative will show up. Christians are big on 'Thy will be done' and while some few may long for the end of the Earth most have children and want grandchildren and in general like being alive and relatively safe just fine. Only a psychopath would desire to hasten the Apocalypse. Christianity has very few of those. You can tell because they almost never blow people up.
I'm very much against police brutality and jack-booted thuggery in general. But if someone in your crowd throws a brick at a policeman the party's over. If you get trampled, batonned, tased, maced, etc. as a result of that brick throwing, you might want to reconsider the people you are 'peaceably assembling' with. No more mobs.
"The government argues that customer emails stored in the cloud become the business records of the cloud provider...." Risible.
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