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Reverence? I'd settle for adherence.
"Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to visit the Kingdom tomorrow to discuss ISIS." Well, we're saved.
You people need to leave Hillary alone! ...until after she's nominated.
"...have you ever considered the possibility that worrying about the culture and taking steps to keep it from getting out of hand is exactly what once kept it from going to the dogs?" "There's only one way to change that and it's to address the real sickness at the heart of American culture." Lotta writing. No concrete ideas.
"...the cross with the initials of the fallen student...." First I've heard of the initials. Even if you buy into the idea that religious symbols shouldn't be on football helmets the initials make it clear that the cross in this instance is a memorial grave marker symbol far more than a religious symbol. Context counts. The school chickened way too soon.
There's an old joke about Saudis: they never lift anything heavier than their wallets. Here's the deal. The Saudis are a specific tribe and they own the oil, and the monarchy. They are the elite and have been since they caused it to be named Saudi Arabia. They're corrupt and pampered, bloated and effeminate. Meanwhile, the underclass called in to do the jobs that Saudis won't do (most of them) trend foreign, Islamist and resentful. It's no mistake that most of the 9/11 hijackers came from there. The Saudis are our allies. They don’t dare not be. Yet their days are numbered.
Or the sort of unruly student who is serially murdering his classmates. Which is fine with me.
I think that Given has been less than honest about that. The police have a school unit, not the other way around. I would be that its creation - or at least its growth - is in response to school shootings.
This Young Voices writer isn't ready for the training wheels to come off yet. DoD isn't 'funneling' weapons to or 'militarizing' schools. They've been directed to offer surplus materiel to state agencies. State, not Federal, people are in charge of deciding who gets what and individual agencies get to produce wish lists. Leaving the bizarre MRAPs out of the equation for now (NO idea who, other than police, would want one), military surplus includes all manner of things. A military base, particularly one overseas, has to do it all; PA equipment, computers, school materials, office furnishings, medical equipment, and yes, war materiel are all things that DoD procures and then decides to replace (sometimes just to use up budget money, but that is part and parcel to all government bureaucracies). As for schools with bars and metal detectors, that started long before this recent DoD-to-States program. Simply put, this author is gluing things together that simply aren't connected. Schools too much like jails? Problematic. Military stuff being handed out like candy because it's 'free'? Also a problem. But these things are not connected with each other in the way the author suggests, "...sent weapons of war including guns and tanks to 26 school police departments across the country free of charge...." Unless someone can see this in the data?
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Obama's Unnecessary, Unpromising War

Mag14 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 3:08 AM
It never occurs to these people that some of yesterday's Taliban are today's ISIS.
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