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If we use the old kind of war against a country we degrade their ability to effect this new kind of war; if you can't log in, you can't hack.
btw, nice shot on the beer summit thing - made me smile.
The threat in question, North Korea's ability to blow up an American theater, remains non-credible.
You do realize that our war-making ability has gone up markedly since '53 and that the people of nations split in half usually want to reunite? I'm not advocating a war with North Korea. What I am advocating is to not behave in a cowardly manner in order to (maybe) avert the possibility of such a war. Capitulation is invitation.
@Eric Every country has a 'significant cyber-attack capability'. It's called the internet. If we cave any time a group threatens us with possible 'serious havoc'...let's just say that we can kiss off public performances of any kind. Sony CAN release a movie that no one wants to show. They just tend to send them straight to cable. But you have it wrong: the theater chains weren't given a chance to show or not show the movie because Sony refused to release it. Not the other way around. North Korea's threat is simply not credible. Capitulation over non-credible threats will only increase such threats.
@Eric I suspect that if/when we go to war against North Korea we might be able to save some money by working with one of our allies in the region. Perhaps the one to the South of and adjacent to North Korea might want to help.
Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for the poor and brainwashed. The last thing these people need is to be free.
Nothing scares Americans more than the uncounted North Korean terror cells we've uncovered in our cities since the end of the Korean War.
It's hard to feel sorry for a eunuch when he gets that way by his own hand and his own scissors.
Same. And I've mistaken people for employees before as well. What Michelle really means is, 'how dare you not realize I am Queen'.
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