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As usual, Obamacare proponents are living in the Twilight Zone. They are so far removed from reality that they can't see that the American people don't want or need Obamacare. I say, repeal it. Let the American people choose their insurance plans themselves. For those families who can't afford it, we need to come up with a plan that will include them without destroying everyone's right to choose for themselves which doctors they see and what plans they pay for. The government has no right to mandate compliance without the people's consent.
Jesus said to pray unceasingly giving the glory to God the Father for all our blessings. Christians aren't the problem. We aren't the haters and dividers. Those are labels foisted on us by the extreme left. By those who would fundamentally change this country. What do they want to change it into??? What is wrong with the 2nd Amendment? The First Amendment? The Bill of Rights? Christians may not agree with certain lifestyle choices, but we certainly don't persecute those who practice them. If God is a myth, you have nothing to worry about, but if God exists, and he surely does, He has set forth commandments and guidelines to be followed. I would rather be on His side, than on the side of those who live for now, the moment with no thought of consequences.
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Gays for Late Term Abortion?

Madlyn Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 5:35 PM
Would they be so quick to demand a late term abortion if it could be proven that the fetus is gay???? What would they demand then??? They would fight to keep that fetus alive. If people would just use the birth control methods available, or better yet, abstain from sex outside of marriage, we wouldn't have to abort the innocent unborn because the pregnancy is an inconvenience to the woman. You don't commit murder because having a baby would be an inconvenience. What about adoption??? Oh, no!!! My body would change. I wouldn't be as desirable if I had a baby and my hips widened or my waist size changed!!! And what about stretch marks??? Pretty feeble excuses for allowing a murder to be committed. Vanity. It's all about vanity. Shame on them.
You wouldn't know common sense if it bit you on the butt. An unborn life is just as important as any life on this earth. You people cry over the death of a slug and yet you indiscriminately abort the lives of viable, sentient human beings. Where is the common sense in that??? You may or may not believe in God, but that still doesn't give you the right to kill the innocent unborn. They have rights too, and we're fighting to make sure those rights are recognized.
So, Hillary, do us all a favor and get of politics altogether. Go be a corporate raider or something. Leave the country alone. We're tired of your lying and excuses and support of all things anti-Constitutional. Go home to your mansion and leave the country alone. We don't want you.
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