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Missouri Takes Lead Reducing Gun and Domestic Violence

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 7:19 AM
Just like you can't fool an abuse counselor? The same claims are made for them also and a lot of people suffered under their missed diagnosis. Another area ripe for abuse is when an angry child starts making allegations--just as they do when they don't want to do their homework or chores. You may claim that your former addicts are going to get at the truth, but there WILL be failures, and the parents when faced with the choice between enforcing the rules or facing the legal system will be forced to cave in. Been there and done that. This is a real real bad idea with good intentions. Perhaps if you include provisions of PERSONAL liability against ANY mistakes by your former addicts, the results might be better, but the overall ..............

Missouri House Bill 402 is a major step forward reducing gun violence, domestic violence, and other forms of serious violence. For decades, federal and state policy attempting to impact these growing problems failed because the policies were pointed in the wrong direction.

Substance abuse in the family is the leading factor and primary driver of many kinds of gun-related crimes, domestic violence, and other offenses.

Substance abuse is tightly bound to domestic violence. Three-quarters of serious domestic violence is associated with substance abuse at the time of violence (Fig 3). This statistic does not include substance abusers who...