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Fiscal Cliff: Michigan Union Experiencing Same Pension Headache it Forces on Schools

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 7:28 AM
Of course the unions are going to try for more. It is what they do. They look at their liabilities and are going to try and find a way to pass those debts off to someone else., or try to generate more revenue. They tried to guarantee this through the constitution and it failed, now be ready for another try in a different direction. What will happen first though, is the union leaders will drain the remaining assets into their own personal bank accounts while the sheep (union members) stand bleating in utter confusion.

When it rains it pours for the Michigan Education Association.

It was recently defeated on Election Day when it attempted to pass a ballot proposal that would have enshrined collective bargaining in the state constitution. Now it’s in full panic mode about a rumored Right to Work bill that may be introduced in the state legislature.

So as the union’s power is waning, it appears the cupboard may be going bare, too.

The MEA has been foundering under staggering liabilities for the last few years, and it may have just gone over the cliff.

Despite only a minor drop...