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Very good comment. This falls in line with Jefferson's thinking in that each generation should pay for its own wars. I don't think he could have anticipated the Ponzi scheme AKA Social Security. The unions are following that model, so we have a glimpse into the future of what is coming.
Since few if any government union members actually put in an honest days work, not paying them for work that was not done is fair. Much of government can be privatized at better prices for the consumer (tax payer) Companies with employees that do not work become bloated and over priced and the customers move on Sears is a prime example. When I worked there 40 years ago I saw then what was going to happen. The only thing going for them then was the credit card. When other cards became available with better rates Sears was doomed.
I'm going to do my part from Wisconsin. I am gong to make sure my mother, who lives in an Alzheimer assisted living unit, does not get "help" voting. If you have a POA in place for all other decisions, you certainly can't be expected to vote. On second thought, maybe I should be her helper.
Any city that has a college campus will tilt heavily Democrat. Goes to show you can have a college degree and still not be smart enough to walk and chew bubble gum.
Some of the dim wits in our area spout the usual line that Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the poor. Those rich SOB republicans should help the poor. If you ask them how do they figure that Ted Kennedy, Herb Kohls, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and etc all multi millionaires, are on the side of the poor, they have no answer except that the Republicans are richer.
How is it that the best and brightest ?( teachers) are so afraid of being paid for what they have accomplished rather than an arbitrary pay scale? Instead of being rewarded for what they do, they want less motivated and incompetent teachers to be paid the all same. If the teachers took the pay they earned and told the union leaders to pound sand they could keep the dues also and be way ahead. The losers would be lousy teachers and union leaders. The winners would be the teachers and the kids, but this is not about why the schools were built, this about union leaders money.
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Capitalism and Climate Change

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 8:16 AM
I wonder if Mr. Chapmans pen name is ericynot, or possibly Dr.Roy. Is this where Ransom gets some of the material for his Sunday column? Consensus means nothing in the real science world. For example,most children believe in Santa, therefore if we use consensus as the yard stick, Santa is real.
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Do We Need Corporal Punishment?

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 10:50 PM
Mr. Chapman needs to pack up his key board and move over to Hffpo where his poorly reasoned columns fit in. Perhaps TH will finally send him packing..
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I would venture to say that the leadership of this country is a reflection of the majority of the voters. The people that voted them in are responsible, and the garbage in office could also be removed if we decided to.
mmatte ..... I think you are wrong. It will be the same as Hitler, Those smart enough to see the danger will be the first taken out. They will need dupes and useful idiots like David306 to pull the wagon.
I believe the life average life expectancy at that time was not 65, but 62 which means Thasic is right, it was never really intended to pay much. Just a few lucky people were going to collect, the rest of the population were to stand in line and be milked.
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