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K Her opponent was washed up former governor Tommy Thompson. A fresh candidate would have been a better option.
It means that you believe the government has an obligation to provide you with anything and everything you want. You stole that from my father in law. Don;t you know that the government is supposed to care of the people?
Of course the standards are stricter at a restaurant. You don't expect people to get sick and die after eating, but death is the desired outcome of an abortion.
I learned that from one of her teachers. Are you trying to tell me that is poor grammar?
Training? Is that something like paper trained? My barely two year old grand daughter proudly announced one day several years ago that she was poddy trained. Sometimes I think she is more smarter than her teachers.
It isn't clear what you are asking, but answer me this, is it fair to expect your children and grandchildren to pay it for them?
This is bad news for us in Wisconsin, assuming he can get anything done. Some of the better people and businesses are coming here, and leaving the rubbish behind.
The best explanation I have heard is that eventually a K-12 teacher thinks and reasons at the grade level they teach. Somewhere between 9 and 11 year old kids would be a reasonable guess for Porcupine.
Bill and Hillary never had any ethics to start with. A perfect pair. Why would anyone think they would start now?
"Starting Today, I Want to Make Three Commitments” -----or commit three Obama Reid Pelosi Holder as back up
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Damaging Admissions

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 7:53 AM
One reason the teachers unions push for higher age before a child can drop out is that there are more teachers and thus more dues paid. It only makes sense to remove the troublemakers so that others have a chance to learn. Babysitting should not be part of the job description.
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