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What an ignorant comment. If you and your family are being attacked in your own home by people who have sworn to kill you, do or do you not have a right to defend yourself and your family?
I would go even farther than that. ALL government union employees also lose voting privileges for life.
Ditto ....... You can have a college degree and still not be able to figure out that your foot would not hurt if you dumped out the rocks in your shoe.
Good luck with that! You simply can't reason with emotions.
Every pre-payment for future retirees health care ........... This means you - the retiree. This is what ALL retirement plans should be, not just the post office. The other option is that the company folds and the employee is left holding the empty bag. To prevent that, isn't there a Federal agency that covers the loss, and ultimately the tax payer - you or your neighbor - pays it? There is no real incentive to manage properly if you can just fold your tent and walk away leaving others to pay the bill.
Mud ---- That would be the biggest factor in reducing costs. The postal workers? that I know are the slowest, laziest, and the biggest whiners a person could ever meet. Asking for a little effort on their part is a crime in their eyes. The Postal Service was set up as a place for them to go to collect a pay check. Any actual work or responsibility happens by accident.
I am dumber now that I have wasted my time reading this gibberish.
WJF ..... Try staying on topic instead of veering off subject like a simple child. In this case the commenter ---you--- is not able to stay focused on one thing, much like my aged mother who DOES have dementia. There is no point in trying to reason with the likes of you.
Is it Dementia or Alzheimers that you are suffering from? Try staying focused and on task to the subject addressed in the article.
Marc ...... More ignorance from you. Where does the state get the right to tell you what you can't eat, drink, or smoke in your own home? Don't pull the usual B.S. about accidents and etc, their are already laws about that. The whole drug war is a failure. As far as the Conundrum column, let it go. If you are wrong once, does that mean you are wrong forever on everything?
FF .................. You are correct. The reason for the name change is to dirty the word "capitalism" so the stupid voter recoils in horror and rejects the idea. You can substitute the word Democrat for stupid if you wish.
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