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Scrap Labor Day for 9/11 Day

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 7:13 PM
Orth .... You normally do better than this. Your thinking stopped at the employee entrance this time. When the cost of labor goes up, the price of the product or service goes up to cover the increase in cost. Guess who pays this? Yup, you the consumer. This is why manufacturing is moving overseas, the selfish union member refuses to pay the additional cost to a member of a different union. The union jobs that are left here are the ones in construction, service industries, and government where there is no escape for you, the union member. You have to pay or go without. In government it is even worse- you pay or go to jail. Like another person posted, if you feel that badly for these Walmart or McDonalds employees who are there by choice you can always leave a tip.
If you are going past the Capitol building just before noon, you can high five the union trash on their way in to sing to the union God. They are easy to identify, they look like people you would never hire.
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Cheap Politicians

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 9:39 PM
Just a stray thought and a question. How much ( if anything) did we pay the founders of this country? Did we pay the Senators and Reps from the get-go? or did we start paying them in the 1800's or 1900's?
The taxes have gone down in Wi. and businesses are starting to look this way, but many companies want to see which way the wind is blowing before moving here. Two years of turmoil with the union morons and the recall fiasco has set us back. Even still there are simpletons singing and chanting daily. They show up at the capitol about noon every day and sing to their union Gods. Obviously this is the rubbish that got left behind without union protection. Our loss of Walker would be the country's gain, but I wonder if it is too little too late for this country. When half or better of the people of this country are nothing but parasites (Democrat of course) not much good can happen.
You had me in agreement until the second sentence. If your parent committed a crime of some sort, is it fair and proper to punish the children? This is the thought process of third world primitive tribal warfare.
Doesn't everyone know that schools were built not for student education, but for union members to have a place to go to collect a check? The added benefit is that union thugs are off the streets nine months of the year. Year round school would take care of the summer problem. Does it seem logical that the parents should pay for their own childrens education, or should the child himself foot the bill by paying for their teachers retirement? If we use the same logic, we could also conclude that since the child would benefit from living in a nice house, the parents could borrow money from the bank, make minimal payments and have the child pay it off when they are grown. Ditto for streets, bridges, public buildings and so on. ................... OH NO !!!!!!! wait a sec that's what we have now!!!!!!!!!!! An entire generation skipped out on paying their own bills and slid it down to the next generation.
Apparently you thought that I worshiped the Pope. How you came to that conclusion is beyond me because I have made no claims of any sort about the pope.He is mortal and prone to mistakes like all people. Moving on ........... Why don't you answer my questions instead of bringing out the red herring? It is obvious from reading your junk that you are one of the beneficiaries of union greed and are desperately trying to hang onto your cushy lifestyle.
He is dead wrong. The role of unions is to take money from the dupes and pass it on to those who will not work (the union leaders) or those who make nothing (union leaders) or do nothing (union leaders). Why do they (union leaders) make more than those that pull the wagon? Why do the rank and file need a special invitation to go to the union mansions?
Hubert Humphry AKA mush mouth did not live long enough to see the end result of his ignorance. Unions have done more to deport jobs than any other factor. Over paying a slob and raising the retail price for the consumer is the reason jobs have gone overseas. Dummies do not understand and the union bosses are the beneficiaries.
I like the fact that she has taken ownership of past mistakes of previous CEO's and has paid families that had suffered a loss due to faulty ignition switches Easy to do when you have the full faith and check book of the rest of the country. Other companies must pay their own way. I do agree on the eunuch part of your comments.
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Build Better Teachers

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 12:01 AM
kite ...... A true conservative would also come under the title "Libertarian". Most if not all would axe 90% of the federal government and its transfer payment system. The alphabet soup of agencies would end immediately and states would take over on what they wanted or thought necessary. You could then leave the offending state for greener pastures as you see fit. Liberals want and need a strong federal government to prevent you from escape unless you flee the country.
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