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If anyone believes this bozo had no idea where these gifts came from, come see me, I have a magic carpet for sale real cheap. Sounds like backwash from Chicago to me. Maybe they have room in the Chicago jail next to the rest of the corrupt government leaders from that area.
Marc uh uh. Not even close. Many of the ones I knew back then and still know today are WW2 generation people who believe that the government should take care of everyone. They are responsible for "The Great Society" and the rest of the damage done in the fifties, sixties and seventies. We can also toss in Bush and his prescription drug program. It was a direct appeal to the WW2 generation. Most of the Medicare BS and the expansion of SS was in place by that generation of parasites before I was even old enough to vote. (Born in 50). Not all are guilty, my dad was WW2 and appalled at what the rest of his generation was doing to their children. He knew and understood what obviously flew past you. The biggest parasite I know is a relative who quit working and feigned Korean war injuries in order to receive benefits. He brags about it, and has been on the dole for near forty years. After all, da gubamint (his daughters and granddaughters) owes him and he is just getting even. Try reading some of Thomas Jefferson's work.He thought that perhaps each generation should pay for it's own wars rather than slide the bill down to the grandchildren.
Ditto on the schools. It was also the "greatest generation" of parasites that unwittingly built the system we have today, remarkably similar to what Hitler and Mussolini were doing over seas.
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 7:39 AM
Why not look at it the other way? Hiding among civilians is a war crime, and those that were doing so were the ones responsible for all of the carnage.
If a shepard puts a wool sweater on a wolf, is it now a sheep? I would venture to say that it is still a wolf, and even more dangerous now because it is inside the herd. Voting for the lesser of two evils is like voting for the smallest wolf.
If they kept the money that went to the union leaders through dues, they would be even up. The losers were not the government employees, it was the union leaders. God forbid they should have to work for a living like everyone else.
Try a little logic in place of blind emotion. If killing the unborn child is easily available, and cheap, why would any man be against abortion? There is no financial obligation of any sort. Just kill the evidence and climb in bed with the next bimbo. Just think like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and the rest of the morally defunct people. You are nothing more than an hours entertainment.
And of course you rant like a fool. Having been through the legal fiction called "family court", I can say that the only consideration I got was how big my wallet was, and yet I am still glad that my children are alive.
Why ask a question like that? What possible difference does it make?
You can always tell a union member, but you can't tell them much. They are standing on the picket line in front of a company while another union is loading the truck in back heading overseas. Then all of the union members curse the greedy owner before heading down the street to the non-union store because the refreshments are cheaper there.
I would think that a lot of people are going to swear at the God they don't believe in.
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