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My friend argues that we need to create what is essentially make-work so that people can be employed, but I really think that's a terrible solution. That is what most of government is. You can also throw unions into this category with their silly make work rules.
You may say they are chasing cheap labor, but they are reacting to the customer (you) chasing cheap prices. You could remedy this by voluntarily paying more, or better yet, send some extra cash to the poor exploited working man in each company that you buy products from.
Was she merely returning the shoe Kruchev used more than half a century ago?
I always knew that Jimmy was incompetent, and once again he opened his mouth and reaffirmed that he has not gotten any wiser with age. He should be grateful to know that during his life time his ignorance has been beaten by the current resident of the White House. Unfortunately he doesn't have a clue.
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The Sucker Generation

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 8:38 PM
That sounds like a good plan until you ask yourself, "Where will the money come from?" Then you will realize that the millenials will have to cough it up to repay you since you don't work anymore. The only way out for them is to push your wheel chair down a big hill.
How can you have a safe and healthy abortion if 50% or more of the participants die?
Nothing has changed at the top. We still have the worthless union, so nothing has changed at the bottom either. Both of them collaborating to take good scrap metal and turn it into junk.
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Losing Your Best Friend

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 9:29 PM
Seems I irritated a few people who love critters more than their spouse or children. A dog (or animal) should not be your best friend. That should be reserved for a human, at least in my world. I have a friend who's mother was a devoted animal rights activist, and some of your comments remind me of him. She bought the best of everything for the dogs,reading labels and etc.,but shopped the discount stores for the cheapest stuff to feed and clothe her children. The dogs food was more important. I am writing from that perspective. Many a$$ holes think more of an animal than a person. As an after thought,how many of you have animal lovers have brought your wife/girlfriend/daughter to the abortion clinic to kill off your child/grandchild because it is inconvenient to you to have them around for whatever reason, but have no qualms about the time and money spent on animals?
Why would you try and belittle someone who is pointing out the heritage of this great company? After all, nearly a century of socialist tendencies should be noted.
We will be out of this mess when the aliens from outer space invade. Then every one on earth will work together, and all economies will boom while we defeat the aggressors. All the death and destruction from wars and natural disasters a are good thing, just ask Paul.
The title of this article is misleading at best. This behavior is Standard Operating Procedure for the ignorant knuckle dragging union member, and has been since the inception of the goon squads.
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