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If there was some personal responsibility involved here, things would be different. The defense attorney, psychiatrists, psychologists, wardens, judges, parole review board and etc. - any involved in releasing a convict or insane person should be held PERSONALLY responsible for any future crime committed because they failed in their job-the job they sought. If the person they protected murders again, they can lay in the gurney next to their protege and be buried alongside.
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Is Liberalism Exhausted?

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 11:07 PM
If you talk to the average person they seem to believe in conservative values until it comes to the money part. Most Dem rank and file still believe the story about the R's are for the rich, and the D leaders are taking it back for you. Sounds good to the uninformed and ignorant reality show lackey. Until they realize that the D leaders are running it through their own bank accounts first, things will continue to get worse. Liberalism is still on the march.
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The Black Family in 1965 and Today

MadisonWannabe Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 10:23 PM
More garbage from the resident liberal. How is it that I am responsible for three centuries of indignity when I am far younger than one century and two of my grandparents came to this country 120 years ago? None of these "victims" are that old. I was born naked into a poor family same as many others and worked my way out. These "victims" can too. I am no more skilled than they, just more determined and have accepted responsibility for myself and my actions. Are we sure this writer isn't a paid rabble rouser for Al or Jesse? Booker T. was talking about those two, but he had no way of knowing Steve would show up a century later.
Since the reputation of union violence and corruption from it's members and leadership is well known, you can bet they left no stone unturned to find something bad they could pin on him. Keep watching as the media and unions work themselves into more of a frenzy to find something. Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas tactics will soon be forthcoming.
BTDT several times. A sewer auger is so simple to operate that an eight year old can figure it out but lack the strength to use it. On the other hand, my fourteen year old grandson unloaded one from the truck and did the job four months ago.
TheWoz............. plumbers are specialists? A piece of plastic pipe and a bottle of glue? Specialist? Really? My eight year old grand children helped with this specialized project.
Here in Wisconsin the big lie told by the union leaders is that the union members are losing rights. The bill is "Right To Work" and many of these people can't make the connection. The others are the people who have a vested interest in forced unionism. Like the C.E.O."s secretaries and so on. If the actual workers wake up and decide to keep their paychecks these people will have to join the work force themselves. After seeing some video highlights it is apparent that there were not that many people there. Most of the government employees found that they were ahead without the unions so they went to work instead of rioting, and I suspect that the unions couldn't afford to rent quite as big a mob as they had a few years ago
If Walker was full of dirt, the union goonions would have had it on display a long time ago. They can't find anything, so they have attacked his parents out of frustration. This is probably the best qualified candidate in the country. Since the main stream is pushing Jeb, we can be sure he is just another disappointment.
Tammy can run as V.P. for Hillary in the 2016 election. Both seem to have no love for or consideration of military personnel, including those assigned to protect our ambassadors overseas.
K Her opponent was washed up former governor Tommy Thompson. A fresh candidate would have been a better option.
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