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My guess is that the "fix" is in and the dentists are going to win. Can't have free market competition because that's bad for the dentists. The customer should not have a choice because It would cut their funds to buy a new boat.
If we had a harness makers union about a hundred years ago, they would have insisted that ALL moving vehicles had a buggy whip, and there would still be a mount for them built into the body.
The 150 signs you saw were put up by working men and women. The disenfranchised who don't have the funds to get an ID will get free busing to several pollng places where they can get even with those evil people who work and have more.
The dems I know would vote for Hitler if they saw a "D" by his name. Since dems either do not work, or they are union members ( I repeated myself), they will vote for whoever gives them a handout.
If memory serves, it was that nincompoop Ted Kennedy AKA "The Lifeguard" who valiantly tried to save Mary jo Kopekne He called on his legal team hours before calling the police to report the whereabouts of his victim.
FWIW............ There are those making the claim that this started after women got the right to vote. Not sure about that claim though, my wife is not fooled by an empty suit although her two sisters are left of Hillary. My mother had no time for stupid, and my sisters are up to date on the issues also.
What a person stands for is not important to some people. I remember when I was in fifth grade our teachers had the tv on in the hallway at school on inauguration day, and several of the women teachers were gushing and swooning over how handsome Kennedy was. It seemed to center around how good he looked when he was wearing a hat.Obviously that is the most important thing when choosing a leader.
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MadisonWannabe Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 8:18 AM
Inevitably the discussion turns to the evil company that refuses to pay a better wage. Better for who? Why is there complete silence about why a company might not shovel money out the door? The easiest question to ask is do YOU shop for the highest prices? If the company pays more for wages, YOU pay more. If you think that Walmart or? is not paying the employee enough, correct that problem and hand over some of your cash to the employees. Another solution is not shopping there and watching them go bankrupt. See if you can find a company that charges more.
An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they finally know everything about nothing. Many of these goof balls are hard pressed to realize that if they emptied the rocks out of their shoes their feet would stop hurting.
Very good comment. This falls in line with Jefferson's thinking in that each generation should pay for its own wars. I don't think he could have anticipated the Ponzi scheme AKA Social Security. The unions are following that model, so we have a glimpse into the future of what is coming.
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