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46 years, my mistake
The only thing you got right is the part about sweet heart deals between a company and a politician. The rest is nothing but socialist/Democrat garbage.
PoJo Social Security recipients and federal retireees are not entitlements Horse droppings. I have paid into SS for 56 years and it IS an entitlement. My tax money was taken from me, wasted for all these years on me, and now I am "entitled" to live on the backs of my children and grand children? This needs to come to an end for the betterment of this country. The whole concept smacks of Socialism. When my descendants have a choice of feeding me or Their children, what is the obvious choice?
There is no need to revoke the citizenship of a terrorist. Let them remain a citizen during the execution, and do it Islam style. We can bury part, and ship the rest to whoever wants it in the middle east. We can even throw in a bonus, the author of this column.
How did the Democrats at the top manage to sell the idea that the Republican party is for the rich? We have millionaires and billionaires in the D party using the power of public office to enrich themselves, and the Democrats at the bottom pull the lever next to the yellow dog believing that this is the guy that will help them. Try reasoning with them and they do finally see that the person is not what they thought, but come voting time and her we go again, where is the yellow dog?
My guess is that the "fix" is in and the dentists are going to win. Can't have free market competition because that's bad for the dentists. The customer should not have a choice because It would cut their funds to buy a new boat.
If we had a harness makers union about a hundred years ago, they would have insisted that ALL moving vehicles had a buggy whip, and there would still be a mount for them built into the body.
The 150 signs you saw were put up by working men and women. The disenfranchised who don't have the funds to get an ID will get free busing to several pollng places where they can get even with those evil people who work and have more.
The dems I know would vote for Hitler if they saw a "D" by his name. Since dems either do not work, or they are union members ( I repeated myself), they will vote for whoever gives them a handout.
If memory serves, it was that nincompoop Ted Kennedy AKA "The Lifeguard" who valiantly tried to save Mary jo Kopekne He called on his legal team hours before calling the police to report the whereabouts of his victim.
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