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McCain is no longer mentally competent to hold public office. I sincerely doubt that he ever was competent. The days in Hanoi Hilton certainly did not help, but I really think that is why he got in ---sympathy.
Probably works for a living unlike the worthless union goons that you favor.
If you use the same line of thought, the government can also punish the child for any crime a parent or grandparent may have committed, even if it was before they were born. In reality it falls right in line with holding the child responsible for repaying the debt (social security) that the government owes the parent. Personal responsibility died about the time FDR got his shat passed by Congress.
Roy, why don't you go to Walmart, buy something and pay the cashier the difference in price savings between them and the competition? It would really help the poor working man or woman that is being used by the company, and it would be cash so the employee would not have to pay taxes on it. I really think you are more than a little deceitful when you state that you avoid Walmart and deliberately pay more some place else.
Unfair. Most of government is not wake-work activity. Some may very well be. Horse droppings http://www.usa.gov/directory/federal/index.shtml?id=60031 Please try and tell me all these are necessary, and there is no duplication. Add into this the fact that none of the government employees I know with one exception puts in an honest days work. Drive past any government road crew and watch how many are working.
Did you count State,County, and local? How about schools with Fed overlap on State over County over City? The list of agencies is endless with all of the agencies pushing paper from department to department. Most of this is not needed and simply gives make work to a lot of people doing nothing constructive and getting paid for it.
This fits right in with the stats that 72-75%of all inmates vote or would vote Democrat.
That is what government is for. The created welfare state and transfer of money from one person to another is not. It also is the largest part of the budget which is why I used the word "MOST".
Come and shop at the company I work for. I will know it is Dr. Roy when a stranger comes in and asks us for a higher price or he will go else where.
My friend argues that we need to create what is essentially make-work so that people can be employed, but I really think that's a terrible solution. That is what most of government is. You can also throw unions into this category with their silly make work rules.
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