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Liberals Have All The Answers, But Their Answers Aren't Actually True

MadisonLives Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 9:16 AM
As a political philosopher, I can tell you that conservatism is a failure in academia because it's not where the problem is. Libertarian philosophy properly harnessed individual ambition (capitalism), political ambition (rep. democracy) and foreign ambition (with a strong defense forcing negotiation). The big confusion now is what to do with collective ambition. The pure libertarian / conservative answer is that collective ambition is dangerous, so it should be outlawed by the constitution and is! But the reality is, collective ambition unavoidably exists and must be structured. The answer is to force collective ambition to counteract itself via a reform called Cap and Prioritize.

Moonbat Exterminator wrote: JR, your assertion that computing a single number for the average temperature of the planet is mathematically impossible is incorrect. It would in fact be a simple, straightforward calculation. In statistics, it's called the mean of sampling means. The weakness of such a statistic is that the enormous variability in the data far exceeds the variability in that number. Even the 90 % confidence interval would be much larger than the variations in that average, making it useless from a practical standpoint. - Al Gore Warming

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I think we are talking about two different things,...