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Are Guns the Problem?

Madgorilla Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 9:02 AM
I participated in a marksmanship program as a grade schooler in the '50s that was sponsored by my school and held at the local National Guard Armory. I remember it being very popular and a great experience for boys and their fathers. My dad used to tell stories about taking his .22 rifle to school as a boy in the '30s so he could hunt rabbits on the way home after school. All that went away in 1963 after Kennedy was shot. We all badly misjudged the goals of the progressives and liberals who had been trying to get rid of guns since the late 1800s. Sadly, it has taken 50+ years to come to our senses and start to get serious about fighting back against their evil intentions.
To some extent you can't blame the Brits for going down that road. After all, they've been "subjects" rather than free citizens for well over a thousand years. That mentality in ingrained right to their DNA. They've apparently completely forgotten about the rights given to them in the Magna Carta and under English Common Law eight hundred years ago. We Americans, on the other hand, have not. We incorporated those same rights in our founding documents, and will never give them up without a fight.
The problems in Illinois are not going to be solved by a bunch of gay marriages, even if the public stands for that sort of thing. The problem is Chicago machine politicians (mostly Democrats, but there's a few Republicans in there too) who for the last 50+ years have allowed greed, corruption, and collusion to run rampant. Squeezing a bunch of gays for revenue isn't going to get us out of the $6 Billion hole they've dug us into.
This guy is just another stupid liberal who can't seem to figure out that it isn't the gun, its the user that is the problem. If the authorities in Chicago gave a damn about the victims, they'd be rounding up the gangbangers and prosecuting them for illegal possession and use of those guns, instead of demonizing legal, law abiding gun owners across the nation.
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