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Are Guns the Problem?

Madgorilla Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 9:02 AM
I participated in a marksmanship program as a grade schooler in the '50s that was sponsored by my school and held at the local National Guard Armory. I remember it being very popular and a great experience for boys and their fathers. My dad used to tell stories about taking his .22 rifle to school as a boy in the '30s so he could hunt rabbits on the way home after school. All that went away in 1963 after Kennedy was shot. We all badly misjudged the goals of the progressives and liberals who had been trying to get rid of guns since the late 1800s. Sadly, it has taken 50+ years to come to our senses and start to get serious about fighting back against their evil intentions.
To some extent you can't blame the Brits for going down that road. After all, they've been "subjects" rather than free citizens for well over a thousand years. That mentality in ingrained right to their DNA. They've apparently completely forgotten about the rights given to them in the Magna Carta and under English Common Law eight hundred years ago. We Americans, on the other hand, have not. We incorporated those same rights in our founding documents, and will never give them up without a fight.
The problems in Illinois are not going to be solved by a bunch of gay marriages, even if the public stands for that sort of thing. The problem is Chicago machine politicians (mostly Democrats, but there's a few Republicans in there too) who for the last 50+ years have allowed greed, corruption, and collusion to run rampant. Squeezing a bunch of gays for revenue isn't going to get us out of the $6 Billion hole they've dug us into.
This guy is just another stupid liberal who can't seem to figure out that it isn't the gun, its the user that is the problem. If the authorities in Chicago gave a damn about the victims, they'd be rounding up the gangbangers and prosecuting them for illegal possession and use of those guns, instead of demonizing legal, law abiding gun owners across the nation.
Seems to me that it is a bit disingenuous to be griping about Obama's (and Holder's) lack of character when the black community has allowed people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to define what it means to be black in this country. I can't think of anybody with less character than those two racist jackwagons. May as well include John Conyers, Maxine Waters, and most the rest of the black members of Congress in that list. What has any of them done but feed the racist bulldog, and engender a sense of being owed something by life just because they're black? Blacks had a rough row to hoe during slavery, but slavery was abolished 150 years ago. There are other groups who have been oppressed and persecuted over the years just as much if not more than blacks -- like Jews, for instance. If blacks in America want to get ahead, its high time they threw out the so-called "black leaders" and the "gangsta culture" and start striving to get ahead on their own merit. Play a victim, and you'll BE a victim.
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Is This Still America?

Madgorilla Wrote: Jul 16, 2013 8:37 AM
The jury did a good job, but don't expect anybody in the black community at large or on the liberal left to acknowledge that. This country ceased being America when Barack Obama got elected. The only fear I have is that it may well take another revolution to set things right.
Kudos, Doug, for saying what so many others are afraid to say. Trayvon Martin was a punk, a wanna-be gangsta, who was well down the path toward becoming a lawless adult. There are thousands of black teenagers all across the country just like him -- ask anybody who interacts with kids in the nation's school districts and you'll get an earful. Trayvon got exactly what he deserved given his penchant for gangster behavior.
If you really want to understand Lincoln's thoughts on slavery, you need to read the speeches made in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates prior to the war. That was where his political philosophy was formed and his later actions as President had their roots.
If it wasn't for the fact that the reach of NYC extends well beyond its borders, I'd say let those idiots elect this sleezeball -- they deserve each other! But, since that IS a fact, keep pounding on this jerk, Michelle.
While the Constitution recognizes the right of a person to worship as they please, Islam is fundamentally opposed to our system of government and our Constitutional rights. We are engaged in a battle now to impose Islamic religious law on the United States -- sharia law. It goes against everything this country was founded on and everything it stands for. The American people will not allow that to take place, and lawmakers had better take notice of that fact.
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