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The dumb Progs think that the cost of labor doesn't affect the overall cost of goods produced. I thought the Progs were so much smarter than us non-college educated little people!
These Progtards really think that their lies are infallible, that they won't be caught in them. They do this all the time and then when caught always defer to the "I was taken out of context" or " it was a misprint" or "I misspoke" They NEVER admit they lied. Like little children they believe they are not wrong, ever. Libs are so easily buffaloed they believe it!
These people are not refugees, there is no war going on they are just poor. This is so wrong and i can't believe King Barry actually wants to try and pull this off! Get on the phone to your Reps and tell them NO REFUGEE STATUS for these people!
These rich Prog elites are a danger to America, they are a subversive group that should targeted by the FBI but our leaders like money and power more then the love America. If something isn't done to disband these enemies of America, we will not exist as a free country. We must DO whatever WE can to fight these bastards. I thank patriots like Michele for exposing who these people are, but we have to do away with them.
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The Armpit of Academia

Madfoxx Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 11:13 AM
These useless academics are why we don't have enough smart people that become engineers and mechanics and people that advance technology. We have to import our best minds because our kids are taught liberal claptrap like this.
The Progs have convinced themselves that the Constitution is just an old worn out piece of paper some old guys wrote. It has no meaning to them.
She fits right in at a NUTROOTS convention!
Can we call her "chokeahontis" now?
They should be called the Nutroots, these nitwits are root of all leftist nuttyness!
Criminals are usually shrewd people that can hid behind a pleasant persona. Obama has mastered the that deception. He is a very dangerous man and should be arrested.
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