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They want to start the propagandizing even earlier now. Say no!
It will be great day in America when the Clintons finally fade into history, a day of celebration is in order!
Remember Rohm said, "never let a good crisis go to waste"
Ann is right again, this was an orchestrated event designed to distract and divide Americans. This what the progressive leftists do. It's Marx and Alinsky rolled into one big movement to destroy America. If you cannot see that that by now, there is no hope for you. The Commies have been chipping away at us for 100 years now and they just about did it.
Chuck U Schumer is a special kind of moron! Progs like him are what has F'ed up America!
So Blacks continually say the "innocent blacks are sent to prison all the time" But when a Grand Jury finds a White Police officer innocent, it's an injustice? Being a hypocrite is not pretty.
The biggest problem the black community has, is the black community itself. This does nothing to help their cause. They are incapable of learning how to BE citizens. It shows that despite having a half black president race relations will never be resolved, no matter what White Americans do for them. They just can never be civilized.
King Barry threw gas on the fire last night, so much for the hope and change Eh Barry?
Dems should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this illegal invasion, Americans need jobs and these people will just take away those jobs and send their money to their home country's. They do not want to assimilate and become Americans, they want to steal our wealth.
Impeachment should be exactly what congress should do, but even that last avenue for the people to depose a President that is harming the people has been reduced to a talking point. We the people deserve to have a mechanism to remove a sitting President and as it is now we must suffer because Congress does not have the will to do it because they want to protect themselves and not the nation.
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