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No Facts, No Peace

Madfoxx Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 6:54 PM
How many times does the leftist press and the race hustlers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to be wrong before people wake up to the fact that these "cops shoot unarmed black victim" have run their course? Shame on the LSM and everyone else that stirred up trouble in Ferguson MO.They would do much better going to Chicago and protesting in the streets against the thugs that are committing countless murders of blacks every week that goes by.
The voters are idiots. They say that they want change in Washington, they give congress the lowest ratings of any political body, yet they keep re-electing the same incumbents! Go figure!
King Barry: I have begun military strikes in Iraq! I have dropped two 500 LB bombs on a howitzer! So there!
The Progs have so politicized our educational systems it is doubtful we will ever be able to reverse it.
Also, Hill NEVER has an original thought, he just parrots the Prog talking points and the libs think he is "brilliant"
Hill is a communist. So I guess it is OK for Hamas to indiscriminately fire rockets at Israeli civilians? Typical progtarded lib.
Do away with the TSA! machines could do a better job and be less intrusive.
You people? How about you "Progressive libtards" That is a description of "you people"
The Obama should not be allowed to use taxpayer money to fly around the nation vilifying half the nation in speeches. This endless "campaigning" for Democrats while we pay for it has to stop. Obama is abusing this perk relentlessly. If he needs to fundraise that much the DNC should be paying the bill. It's another thing I'm sick of!
Not supposed to but they are!
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