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Who Will Stop Obama?

MadestMan Wrote: Jun 07, 2014 9:33 PM
They can't impeach in the remaining time he has left. The mid terms are upon them. After Nov. is the holidays. In 2015 there are budgets and more long weekends and then the run for the presidency begins.
Ri, so you would rather have a brain dead Dem as your senator?
Pennsylvania should be evicted from the union. No, I am not being facetious.This state is lawless in many ways and Philadelphia is the worst city in the state.
u r right. a few of those who were on stage in the last Republican primary said they would eliminate whole departments of government. Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry who could not name them all. The establishment Republican party got rid of those threats quickly.
Republican, Tea Party, Conservative, Libertarian, Rino, Centrist, Moderate Or whatever your label, If you Do Not usher people into the bus at your rallys for a ride to go vote. - AKA BO, you will not win close elections.
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