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The Democrats gerrymander, blatantly. Therefore in their mind so do the republicans. Even if the lines were drawn by Chimps. If they did not favor the Democrats they would say those Chimps are Republicans.
First word should be "If" why can't we edit our post on this site!
I a chicken made me that mad. I would have killed it, plucked it and fried it! That's the only way to deal with a chicken invader!
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

maddog2021 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 10:19 AM
Put him in front of a firing squad! I will volunteer!
Michelle just wants to starve your child. You can bet that Michelle never missed a meal or snack!
Democrats are the biggest cowards in this Nation!
Amen for common sense in Indiana!
Democrats never play fair! So read if after it is passed Pelosi! Thinks it wont be fair! I democrats were in charge. I know it would not have a chance of being fair! The only reason Pelosi wants half of the committee to be democrats. Is so they torpedo any truthful conclusion! If half of the committee is democrats. Justice will not be served!
She's not that smart! But you are right. Stupid gets you further in the democRATic party.
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