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He carries an Alaskan .500! Those polar bears don't go down easy and they eat reindeer.
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The 2014 Reality Check For Pollsters

maddog2021 Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 9:20 AM
I repeatedly called out poles for biased polls. I found most of them were not reflective of the voter make up. I check each poll I questioned. I called every one of the polls I had questions of validity. The best part is.. Every last one of those name calling liberals. Who called me names. Were wrong!
Harold Itzkowitz You are part of the problem! This punk attacked a police officer. If you are stupid enough to try to take a cops gun. You deserve to die. You Harold have shown you don't care about right or wrong! You only see things through a bigots eye's
The DOJ is going to fake the results! Holder should be in jail awaiting deportation to Mexico! Where he should be charged in the deaths of thousands of Mexican nationals. Who were killed by the guns the DOJ let walk across the border! Holder being the racist he is . Doesn't care about Mexicans being killed because of his gun running!
This guy needs to be put in a 72 hour psychiatric hold! He is clearly deranged!
Democrats are arm of OSHA that makes criminals safer while they...Rob, rape, injure and kill people. I say that because their gun laws do nothing but make criminals safer and citizens victims!
This will just lead to California wasting money in the courts! The will not survive a challenge at the Supreme Court! The courts ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby because of religious beliefs and the rights guarantee in the First Amendment! Why would any sane person think that Churches would have to provide abortions?
A right denied! Is a right stolen!
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