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Why Your Doctor Secretly Hates Obamacare

Madame DeFarge Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 11:04 AM
I'm pretty lucky. I have MDs who are not shy about telling me they hate obamacare. They are also not shy about telling me they will probably just retire or quit if it becomes fully implemented. And I am looking forward to that day when, if nothing changes, all my liberal friends who were practically orgasmic at the idea of being able to replicate the UK health care system in this country, are denied a procedure becuase they are too old or not worth it. the cost. I promise to try to not laugh in their faces, too loudly.

Your doctor won’t tell you this when you’re sitting in his office, so I will: He hates Obamacare. It’s time you know why your doctor is concerned about Obamacare.

Doctors already live in constant fear of malpractice lawsuits. The last thing they want to do is stick their necks out and publicly attack Obamacare. Doctors also do not have an effective D.C. lobby group or public advocate.

A 2011 survey by Jackson and Coker reports that most doctors believe the mega-lobbyist group, American Medical Association (AMA), fails to represent docters’ interests on Capitol Hill. Forbes reports: “Much of that...