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The reason Joe Biden lost women is that he acted loud, bullying, obnoxious, condescending, flippant, unserious, manic, and a boor. In other words - he acted like every woman's ex-husband.
Oh i disagree completely. I think there is more fear of being called racist now than ever. I believe that rather than put up with the potential hassle of being called a bigot, people just SAY they like obama, or support him, just to get the pollster of their back. The racial issue has become SO divisive in the last 4 years - thanks, Mr Uniter! - that I"m perfectly willing to believe people will now say publicly they like and support Obama, they'll say it in a phone interview, they'll say it to their friends, they'll even tell exit pollsters they still love him - but in the privacy of the voting booth, I believe they'll pull the lever for Romney. I wouldnt' be surprised if even Bill Clinton voted for Romney!
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The Age of the Narcissistic Male

Madame DeFarge Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 9:07 AM
Or, more probably, Betty Freidan might laugh at the con she was able to pull off on the population, and celebrate that she had her revenge for the slights to her because of her rather unfortunate appearance. The icon of the woman's movement should not have been Wonder Woman - it is Miss Havisham.
Getting rid of obama is reason enough to seal any deal.
Given the elections of 2010, and if a conservative govenor can prevail in a recall in a blue state with union opposition, the country is not starting to tilt left. I think people are lying to pollsters, just like they lied to exit pollsters in 2008. It's much eaiser than being thought a racist just because you dont like obama's policies.
Does it make any logical sense at ALL< that the same voters who voted rather decisvely to keep Walker and his fiscal policies intact, would turn around and say they trust Obama more than Romney with the nation's finances? Does that pass even the sniff test, let alone the smell test?
Of course, if you understood that under the concept of federalism, you would know that the states can do things which the Feds cannot. if Mass. wanted an individual mandated health care law, it was within their right to have it - but that doens't mean the Feds have the right to do the same thing. This would be a great opportunity for Romney to explain what everyone should have learned in 5th grade civics, assuming they teach it any more.
I'm pretty lucky. I have MDs who are not shy about telling me they hate obamacare. They are also not shy about telling me they will probably just retire or quit if it becomes fully implemented. And I am looking forward to that day when, if nothing changes, all my liberal friends who were practically orgasmic at the idea of being able to replicate the UK health care system in this country, are denied a procedure becuase they are too old or not worth it. the cost. I promise to try to not laugh in their faces, too loudly.
I think it's a little too early to throw in the towel just yet on those who are not 'in.' One can sound very brave when not faced with actually having to DO something - but I predict, when the potential of actually kicking that bum out of office is REAL, they'll screw up their courage and get the job done. And I wouldn't pay too much attention to polls what say the president's is still 'likeable.' Given the racial tension on the country right now, it's the easiest thing to do to say you 'like' him. I also predict that people will just say they 'like' him to shut people up, but privately vote how they really feel.
I heard that Bo had a motion detector installed on his doghouse- jsut in case president obama tries to sneak up on him in the middle of the night. The poor dog also goes into a panic when the president yells - 'what's for dinner?"
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