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7 Examples of People Who Are Not Victims

Mad_Dawg_J Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 12:21 AM
Regarding #6, many students don't understand how far in debt they are. I knew a fellow who, after flunking out, was SHOCKED to receive a letter explaining that he was expected to soon start paying back about $30k. He claimed to to know nothing about any loans. I asked if he read the papers he signed. "No, my mother told me to just sign them.
No matter how unfairly you're treated specifically because you're a white male, a Christian, a conservative, or a Republican, very few people are going to accept the idea that you're a victim. That may be unfair, but on the whole, it's a good thing. America is already awash in people who falsely believe they're victims and it's not a pretty sight to see: the blaming, the whining, the mediocrity, the sea of jackasses who believe their horrific behavior is justified because they're "victims." It’s time they learned that they’re not victims in any real sense.

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