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Rotten to the Core (Part 2): Readin', Writin' and Deconstructionism

MacWell Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 2:28 PM
I can tell you exactly when it started renny. One year we started our school day with a volunteer reading from the Bible, a Psalm or Proverb, nothing that could be construed as evangelism, then ALL stood, hands over hearts, and recited the Pledge. After giving honor to God and country, we were ready to learn. The next year, we were told that it's against the law to read the Bible in school. The system, as well as the students futures started to go down the toilet since.

(This is the second part of an ongoing series on federal "Common Core" education standards and the corruption of academic excellence.)

The Washington, D.C., board of education earned widespread mockery this week when it proposed allowing high school students -- in the nation's own capital -- to skip a basic U.S. government course to graduate. But this is fiddlesticks compared to what the federal government is doing to eliminate American children's core knowledge base in English, language arts and history.

Thanks to the "Common Core" regime, funded with President Obama's stimulus dollars and bolstered by duped Republican governors and business groups, deconstructionism...