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Jordan's 'Eye For an Eye' Response

MacWell Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 8:20 AM
America could put an end to all Islamic terrorism within one year... if we had the gumption. I thought I came up with the idea, but it seems that a famous General beat me to it. Dig a pit 12' x 12' x 8' with a door on one end and chairs overlooking the pit at the other end. Set up an HD sound stage with cameras and mics. Have our bravest capture 5 or 6 of their real bad guys. Fade in: we see a squad of female Marines march the bad guys in and sit them in the chairs. Then their blindfolds are removed. Camera pans the faces of the bad guys, they look scared and confused. As the National Anthem is playing softly the door slowly opens and we see 6 of those big old wild hogs come running into the pit looking for something to eat. The bad guy's faces go from confusion to abject fear. Marines lift first bad guy, whack him in the knees a few times and throw him in the pit. Hogs do what they do best. Bad guys don't look so bad now as they're crying, throwing up, or both. After the last bad guy has him turn with the hogs the hardest looking female Marine get a close up and says this: anyone caught using terrorism as a weapon will have the same fate... have a nice day!
If you're tired of the establishment parties, come take a look at us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CFP4US/ The Constitutional Freedom Party. You can see what we believe in, and how we plan on taking back our government. Those who want to "fundamentally transform" America into their own warped image, think they have us under their thumbs. We the people will not allow this country go down in flames.
Sorry to tell you this Michele but, MacArthur didn't say that, it was General Louis B. (Chesty) Puller. I know this because I've been praying for G_D to raise up another Chesty Puller. If that man were alive today, he would've already perp-walked Obama and friends from our White House and into gitmo, where he belongs.
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Lessons Learned from #MakeDCListen

MacWell Wrote: Sep 28, 2013 6:36 AM
Hey TH, take the auto refresh mode and stick it where the sun don't shine. I'm tired of trying to write a post, only to have it disappear when the page refreshes. It's a crappy way to do things, and NOT necessary.
Hi Doug. I did see her sing, on youtube, and you're right, she did send it to the bleachers. That young lady made me feel shame complaining about my maladies. She is, indeed, an inspiration to us all. Not only is she as cute as a button, but she can sing like a canary. Bravo girl.
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The Epic Meltdown of the Gun-Grabbers

MacWell Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 3:13 PM
You sir, have hit on the crux of the 2nd. "shall not be infringed." The 2nd amendment is a LEGAL statement, not just a suggestive sentence. If one breaks down that statement/sentence, we find the answer. The whole intent of the statement is, "shall not be infringed". The first part, .ie a well regulated Militia etc. etc. explains WHAT "shall not be infringed", and WHY. I guess out (betters) never took 4th grade English.
First, thank you for your continued service to the greatest nation on this earth. Islam, in itself, is not compatible with the Constitution of the United states of America, plain and simple. There is nothing to debate, Muslims do not belong in America, unless they give up Islam, and assimilate into OUR society, there is no other choice. As they say in legal parlance "it's an open and shut case".
Uh, hey Steve? We don't need a big Army, we have God, you know, the REAL one...
Bravo, very well said. There is much talk about some founders being deists, that may be true, but, they formed their beliefs after studying the Bible, which was the reason public schools were started, to teach the masses how to read, and understand the Bible, because of all you've said above.
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