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What Hath John Robert Wrought

macthemadman Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 12:16 PM
How many words are there to describe it? Treason? Betrayal? Deceitful? Arrogance? There are so many. What matters is not the words we use to describe it. What matters is what he did with his power, those who placed him there and those who voted with him. Traitors and thieves everyone of them. Traitors to the constitution and therefore the people of this country. Thieves of freedom and opportunity and equity and, they did it with the full knowledge of what they actions would produce. Fortunately for them, the media will never hold them accountable for any of it. Because they wholly agree with all of it and have deliberately done this to all of us.
aknowles Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 1:26 PM
The Justices are not exempt from impeachment. It is the only control over them. Power corrupts and not all are strong enough to resist it.

State legislative candidates may think they’re in the minor leagues, but a big league issue is coming at them. Over many years of door-knocking and community forums in five runs for Colorado’s statehouse, I’ve practiced diplomatically discussing misdirected questions about federal issues above my pay grade (way above, sadly).  But in this critical election, state candidates everywhere have to swing at an urgent fastball delivered by Team Obama-Roberts: Should your state throw in with the president and significantly expand the Medicaid program as part of his make-over of U.S. healthcare?

Of course, Team Obama-Pelosi didn’t intend to...