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Gee, it seems some my words are objectionable to Townhall. I will stop reading this site and remove my offensiveness. I will go where one is allowed to express modest hostility, using modest descriptors that describe "scat" from animals. This will be the last time that you people at Townhall censor me. I delete you!
Just watch the latest RNC commercial. I'm not impressed. They left the gloves on and when they should be slapping the dudu out of Obama, they merely patted his face. I'm sure it cost quite a lot to produce it and in my view, was a waste of money. They are still afraid of the DNC/Marxist machine.
The difference is that they will arrest you.
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Another Tea Party Terrorist Smear

macthemadman Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 11:50 AM
"The great amateurish unwashed shouldn't sit at keyboards in their pajamas and attempt the marvelous feats that only they perform." Because they don't want the public to realize just how big the lies are, the number of lies that they've told and the purposes behind the telling of those lies, which are not mistakes of fact in any way but planned contrivances for the acquisition of power by them, over our minds, in order to rule us and do anything they wish to us. Ultimately, that is their desire and will be the outcome history teaches that lesson, very conclusively.
Treason, conspiracy and murder, in multiple counts and across international borders. And we are surprised that suspects in this matter have been let go? That at least one weapon found at the scene has been "disappeared" but not fast enough to avoid notice? At some point you just have to realize just who your government has become and who is leading it. The Marxists are in charge and will gladly "break some eggs" to make their omelette. How can this be? The media is absolutely complicit but they hope you don't notice, at least until after the election...
Mainstream media : Silence, crickets chirping
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Now Let’s Repeal ObamaCare

macthemadman Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:47 AM
GOOD LUCK with that repeal.... I have yet to see but one repeal happen, once made law by this government. The government at the time of passage was democrat, the legislation cost the boat manufacturing industry in the northeast, essentially, the boat manufacturing industry in the northeast and most of the jobs and many of the companies. This was a feel good luxury tax which was subsequently repealed but too late for many. Most of American never heard about it because, well the democrats can never be presented to be what they actually are because they would have to change to remain in power, and they are about changing this country into a Marxist utopia, with them in charge. Anything bad that happens, hey it's somebody else's fault.
Is President Obama Intentionally 'Destroying' America? Ya Think? Does anyone not know the answer to this question? Really? Seriously? Sadly the answer is yes because their sources of information deliberately decline to inform them, although it is very clear that they know, the truth.
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What Hath John Robert Wrought

macthemadman Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 12:16 PM
How many words are there to describe it? Treason? Betrayal? Deceitful? Arrogance? There are so many. What matters is not the words we use to describe it. What matters is what he did with his power, those who placed him there and those who voted with him. Traitors and thieves everyone of them. Traitors to the constitution and therefore the people of this country. Thieves of freedom and opportunity and equity and, they did it with the full knowledge of what they actions would produce. Fortunately for them, the media will never hold them accountable for any of it. Because they wholly agree with all of it and have deliberately done this to all of us.
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A Vast New Federal Power

macthemadman Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 9:39 AM
They are condemned as are those who placed them there, for this purpose. I would suggest impeachment but we all know how that would work out considering that the media would, as always, side with the Marxists.
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