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How is any of this relevant to my question to Mr. Nantz? He is complaining about the public behavior of the movie stars in question, not their private behavior, which is none of his business and also none of yours. Jennifer Lawrence has said nothing that even hints she is angry because she did not get paid for the photos. Where did you dream that one up? Are you as much of an uninformed busybody and obnoxious scold as Mr. Nantz?
Mr. Nantz, Your main point is well-taken. However, how do you justify the final sentence of the piece: "Ms. Lawrence and her ilk have danced with the Devil in the pale moon light." Ms Lawrence is characterized as the archetype of her "ilk." I have seen only three of her movies (Silver Linings, Hunger Games, Catching Fire). In none of them did she ever appear naked or in bed with someone else, nor did she make use of her feminine gifts in any objectionable way. Do you have specific examples of misconduct on her part that justify tarring her the way you do? What about all the other women on the list? I never heard of most of them, and I am sure you haven't, either. Sure, there are some well-known pigs such as Kim Kardashian on the list, but most are unknowns. So how do you know so much about them that you can characterize them as you do? Are you just another routinely ignorant opinion writer unacquainted with the facts of your topic?
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Obama fails History 101

Macroman Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 11:50 AM
"President Obama doesn't know much about history." Or anything else.
Let's not misuse the English language for dramatic effect and thus confuse the discussion. "Yonadam Kanna, Iraq's most prominent Christian politician, said, 'This is ethnic cleansing, but nobody is speaking up.' There's even a more appropriate word for it: genocide." Horrible as the killing is, it is neither ethnic cleansing nor genocide. Anyone who converts is spared, irrespective of ethnicity or genetics. Anyone who does not convert is killed, irrespective of ethnicity or genetics. Ethnicity and genetics are irrelevant.
"...(even though Paul Krugman doesn’t seem to know the difference)." He knows the difference. He just prefers to lie about it. A once-great economist (he really did deserve the Nobel Prize) has become a disgrace to his profession.
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Race-Based Justice

Macroman Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 8:23 AM
Well, there's nothing to worry about. Surely Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the mainstream media, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama all will apologize for having jumped to conclusions and stoked the fires of racial animosity before acquainting themselves with any of the facts other than that the dead guy was black and the policeman was white. You can hear the thundering chorus of apologies now, right?
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The Great Racial Disconnect on Police

Macroman Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 7:02 AM
It was worse than that. The 292 pound dude already had punched the police officer in face and broken a bone in his eye socket. We have an X-ray that shows the broken bone, hard to explain otherwise.
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In Ferguson, a Race to be Wrong

Macroman Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 6:57 AM
"The simple fact is we don't know." Well, the simple fact is that there are some things we definitely do know. One is that Michael Brown's friend Dorian Johnson lied about what happened. He said Wilson shot Brown in the back, but the autopsy shows that no bullets entered Brown's body from the back. So much for Dorian Johnson's testimony. We also know that something like a dozen witnesses now corroborate Wilson's description of what happened, which is that Brown assaulted him once and looked like he was about to do it again. We also know that Wilson has a fractured bone in his eye socket, consistent with his statement that Brown punched him in the face and hard to explain otherwise. Another thing we know is that Brown robbed the convenience store. Although Wilson did not know that, Brown did. Brown also did not know that Wilson did not know, which goes a long way toward explaining Brown's behavior when confronted by Wilson. As due process wends its way, we are coming to know more and more, and all of it suggests Brown was a criminal, Brown assaulted and threatened Wilson, and Wilson did his job.
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The Media's Sharpton Agenda in Ferguson

Macroman Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 6:45 AM
"The news media have rendered their judgment. Ignorantly and maliciously." And also prematurely. The cop said from the start that the victim first punched the cop in the face and tried to grab the cop's gun, that the victim first walked away but then ran at the cop, that the cop shot the victim. The latest reports are that three autopsies show all bullets entered from the front, none from the back, definitively discrediting the statement of the victim's friend that the victim was shot in the back. The latest reports are that there are 12 witnesses who corroborate the cop's story. On top of that, the latest reports are that X-rays show that the cop has a fractured bone in his eye socket, consistent with having been punched in the face and hard to explain otherwise. The evidence builds that the victim was responsible for what happened and that the only thing the cop is guilty of is doing his job.
Feminists used to argue that the government has no business in the bedroom. Now they argue that it does. The only consistent element of the feminist point of view is that the things they advocate give them more political power, which is what they really want.
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