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The Seven Most Disturbing Moments So Far in Barack Obama's Presidency

MacQ - Texas Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 1:22 PM
Oh my. They'd better be very careful. :-) It's clear you're here for attention and wanting people to beg and cajole you from now to the election. You bray about your conscience, so maybe you want respect. Well... Thanks a pantload for helping give us Obama. I'm sure our troops are grateful since he announced open season on them, I'm sure all the jobless are grateful, and the folks whose conscience are violated by mandates. not to mention all of us who pay more for food and energy. Some conscience you have.

Picking out the most disturbing moments of Barack Obama's presidency is kind of like trying to choose the wettest parts of the ocean. Other than his "Even a blind squirrel sometimes gets a nut" moment where he said "yes" when the SEALS asked if they were allowed to kill Osama Bin Laden, his entire presidency has been one long, slow motion bamboo shoot sliding under the country's fingernails. So, everyone reading will probably be able to think of a few national nightmares that aren't included.

7) Obama bows to a Saudi King: Had Obama spent his childhood entirely in the United...