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The Decline and Fall of America

MacQ - Texas Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 12:09 PM
John conflates types of incomes (investment versus earned), either because John is dishonest or because he is ignorant and brainwashed. Maybe John is both. I think that we don't have enough skin in the tax game. To that end, I think that even the lowest income earners should pay some. I also think that welfare and foodstamps should be reduced by the same % that taxes are raised, any time they are raised.

A few days after the election of 2012 the very talented Michael Ramirez published a political cartoon that perhaps conveyed a more profound meaning than he anticipated. He depicted a pair of hands extending from star-studded sleeves (presumably from a mendicant Uncle Sam), which were held in supplication, as though waiting for a handout or petitioning voters to relinquish more of their earnings to the federal government. There’s another way of interpreting this image, however; the hands appeared not only pathetic and a bit contemptible, but also aged and withered, as though belonging to an old man. In which case,...