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Fallout: DNC says Romney was Mean, RNC Zeroes in on Obama's Smirk

MacQ - Texas Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 5:26 PM
I was trying to figure our why Obama was so uncharacteristically "nice"...not looking down his nose, not sneering, not dismissive. He was trying to appeal to independents, that's why. And unlike his base, they don't like that cr@p. But it's clear that without it, he's lost for a strategy.

In keeping with the rapid-fire pace of this election cycle, the respective party committees have already produced post-debate videos, and much like the candidates performances' themselves, one is significantly more effective than the other. The debate gave Team Romney quite a bit more to work with than Team Obama, and it's painfully evident in the two videos they each produced.

Let's look at the Democrats' offering first, "Mitt Romney: What a Guy." They don't have much to work with; their candidate's performance was tepid at best -- Charles Blow in the New York Times called him "President Xanax,"...