Previous 11 - 20 Next vote democrat (etiher directly or via 3rd party). I figured as much. Now we know where you're coming from. (It means I don't care what you think anymore becasue you're just a tool that obama/clinton love.
DTOM: Yes he did, and he was articulate about it (and non-threatening to the average voter, not an attack dog). That wasn't the issue in question was whether he was perceived as far right or moderate. He was NOT perceived widely as a far right guy. Precisely because of his demeanor.
Aye, WJF. Which is why I suspect we're wasting our time if we try to court their vote.
Amen, right!
How did Romney "dis" the base?
He appeals to you (and to me), but you might be forgetting that the Clintons will get the black vote anyway (bill being te real "first black president", coupled with the fact that their majority votes democrat). You also forget that a number of people are VERY excited by Hilary (first woman etc). She pols very high in admiration (which boggles my mind). And finally, that alot of people view Rand as extreme. The electorate doesn't vote for someone they consider extreme. I like him fine (and I abhor Hillary). I just have doubts about whether he's the one who can beat her. The fact that you like Hillary OK is disturbing.
FUZZY wrote: "Go ahead and continue to vote for people you know will break their oaths on day 1 in office." Fuzz, you keep on accusing me and others of voting for liars and oath breakers. I haven't voted for anyone who broke his oath of office. I haven't cast a third party vote that helped someone like obama get elected either (he being the biggest liar and oathbreaker around) . So I don't know what you're talking about. Who exactly are you accusing me of voting for?
No want perfection. Or maybe you just want the democrat to win.
Seems so. Although some who post here represent them
So you'll help the dems (again) then. Brilliant strategy.
Gee will...thanks for letting us know that.
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