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Sometimes I don't think he could get the vote of his own so-called "base", who would savage him as a rino.
That's wishful thinking. They can still watch MSNBC from anywhere in the red states of America. And find plenty of likeminded people to converse with. And what "freedoms" are you talking about that they didn't have before? Other than concealed carry of firearms (which is significant but unlikely to pleas them), people in red states are no freer than those in blue states.
Yes...I agree. He's trying to bait republicans into impeaching him. Stirring up the liberal base can only be done with fear and threat. He knows this very well. They don't get out to vote because they believe in something...only if they're made afraid.
They want food stamps AND cash, Homer. The govt checks ensure they don't have to be tied up working 8-10 hours a day, so they are free to devote that time to theft.
What red state should do: severely cut access to welfare benefits. Make it widely known that it's hard to get in this state. Then, at least only the people looking for jobs would migrate. That's be a good recipe for the entire US on immigration too.
Smart move. We need an initiative like that in Tx...
So will they bring the voting habits with them that trashed their own states?
Yep...that sums it up nicely.
Well, once they take POCKeeeSTON, they'll have nukes.
I am hoping that when the military went to him, he said "do what you need to do, but don't involve me...I have to protect my left flank so I'm gonna play golf and pretned not to notice"...
Presidebt stompy feet...I like it!
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