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Aye...and had he attended, he couldn't act like he knew nothing!
I HOPE so. That guy, I reckon just might be a patriot in a very tight spot. I am loath to condemn him...his job, like the military's is to try their best to do their job, and today, they have a very big problem in the top chair.
He acts like a bystander when there's trouble. It works. His bots buy it.
Your hero said it was one of his success points. You can go there! You really SHOULD.
Yes...he named Yemen as one of his successes, along with Somalia. Those and Libya are his landmark foreign policy achievements. Woot!
He's a good man, and I think he would be able to work with congress better than many who are being touted. I don't think he'll be the nominee. If he is, I'll be voting for him tho.
Yes, I know. Sorry.
I say it was a terrorist act. But our justice system will probably call it workplace violence. At the very least, I'd like to see it deemed a hate crime...with consequent additional penalties. Not to mention the poetic justice of liberal policy backfiring with a black muslim being under that charge. :-)
If lois gets paid by the post....we are funneling money to her when we reply. She asks if we are "terrified". No, idiot...but some of us are not content to stand around with our finger up the president's ars while our fellow innocent citizens are massacred. That's for you liberals.
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