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You know folks, if she does manage to be the democrat nominee for president, our best strategy might be to nominate Kelly Ayotte to face off with her. That would negate the "woman" thing. Ayotte is competent enough to stand up against anyone the dems might nominate,,,,but her gender would allow her to destroy shrillary in debates without being labelled a misogynist.
I wonder if her almost daily gaffes make Bubba's head explode too?
ONly their base is as dumb as they think we all are.
The rehab she went to probably made out pretty well.
And my hubby is popular beyond all imagination or credulity! And the democrat base are idiots. And the press is aching for a woman president (any democrat woman will do, but my name is most recognizable to the illiterati) And if all else fails I'll ask Warren or Moochelle to be my running mate. Success is mine!
Sick. Sad. Somebody needs to deal with him.
Truly. We live in some kind of warped universe
There ya go THAT's what she did. I knew there was something....
Well....let's Search me.
Her mouth is about a size 7 1/2 Wide, I'd say.
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