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We Have a Problem -- A Real Problem

Mack30 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 11:29 AM
Robert1824, you say all this as you barf up the usual ignorant, non-responsive, fluff that the left has prepared for you. You hard left wingers simply refuse see this man's shortcomings. Trying to engage you left wingbats in an informed discussion about legitimate concerns regarding Obama's formative years and his core beliefs is like arguing with a 5 year old. Your fantasy world of "leave everything to the government" has never ended well in the history of humans. If you cannot or will not see the towering financial disaster that the federal government is crushing us with you are a fool.

No .. I’m not talking about the fiscal cliff, nor am I talking about the almost $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities we face as a nation. Iran and a nuke? Yeah .. that’s serious all right, but I’m told that we are messin’ with Iran right now in ways that you couldn’t even imagine – ways that could derail their nuclear plans for some time to come. Is the real problem our sagging economy? An oncoming second recession? The growth of government dependency? Sure … all of those are problems and all are difficult to deal with … but they pale...