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What a despicable, wretched old hack this man is. Demonstrably corrupt and so confident in his cover up team that he continues his lawless self-enrichment a political mischief right out in the open. Disgusting.
Who listens to this dunce and is impressed? Every time I listen to this woman she just seems stupid. I know she's a ruthless political hack, but she projects very low intellect. Maybe she has to dumb it down for her constituents there in the tony Bay area.
Obama is out of touch with reality because doesn't even know what reality is. His life couldn't be LESS like that of the average citizen. He's never held a private sector job, met a payroll, labored under ridiculous regulations, etc. He lives in his little cocoon, free of the mayhem he visits on the rest of us. What a dangerous, controlling, lying freak Obama is.
Tariffs are the refuge of economic dunces.
Computers just allow them to be wrong with greater certainty. ;)
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Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone

Mack30 Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 10:10 AM
As usual, you lib trolls offer nothing in support, you just whine like the children you are. What specifically are you talking about demiurge?
tg7211, you have substituted your own narrative for that of conservatives, please stop, it's dishonest. All coal plants emit exhaust plumes? All cars are gas guzzlers? And your plan is to embark on an unaffordable, dubious plan to fix....what exactly? As countries become richer, their pollution per capita comes way down. Your prescription to hobble the world's economies with a mountain of regulations, fees and taxes that will likely have no positive environmental effect and place this bounty of new revenue into the hands of proven corrupt, lying politicians is suicidal. No thank you. Your trust in big government is hopelessly misplaced.
You are exactly right, rightmost. If D.C. doesn't have anything to sell, the lobbyists can't buy it.
Which polls? Legal pot? Those aren't democrat positions, they're libertarian, which is far closer to the constitution than the democrat "free stuff for everyone" agenda. BTW, you're wrong on abortion. The majority still opposes it. Guy rights? Like most guys, I'm for these.
Produce a product or service that someone will voluntarily pay you for, or take a job with a company that does one of those things. Next question.
david296 shows he is a typical, misinformed, lying cult member for Obama. Not one thing he says is true. What a clown. Glad you're out there 296 providing ample evidence of the idiocy of the left wingers. I mean seriously, you are completely delusional dude, seek help.
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