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7 Things Every Moderate Muslim Should Believe

Mac88 Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 9:38 AM
Unfortunately the problem of fundamental Islam will not go away. Mohamed declared that his words in the Koran are considered pure for all time and thus cannot be abrogated no matter how archaic its teachings are. The Koran calls for jihad or subjugation against the infidel and that it is the duty of every good Muslim to be a warrior for Allah. Anyone trying to change that will be branded a blasphemer and risks death.

Before 9/11, most Americans looked at Islam as no different than any of the world's other great religions. But since that terrible day, Americans have read countless stories about crazed riots over damaged Qurans, terrorists who've murdered people in the name of Allah and violent threats over Muhammad cartoons. Quite understandably, this has caused people to become considerably more wary of Islam.

Is that fair to all the good and decent Muslims out there? No, it isn't.

But, let's also stop ignoring the obvious fact that the Islamic faith has a large, radical and violent contingent that the...