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The 47,000,000 on SNAP;WIC; EBT; many going-on 99 weeks of Unemployment Benefits probably 1/2 of the 92,000, 000 that have "dropped-out" of the work force, and 95% of the 13% that comprise the so-called Black Community(73% are from unmarried "families" & 33% (18-35) constitute America's prison population...(Now BHO and his claque of LIV's and RINO minions & parasites want to grant amnesty (and eventually full enfranchisement ) to 11,000,000 "illegals" and approximately 6,000,000 more esses ready to squirrel-across an unguarded(unfenced) boarder... Etc...
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An Unprecedented Candidacy

Mac 777 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 9:23 PM
I disagree with Professor Krauthamme's character assessment (character-manque is more accurate,IMO). The Man is a third-class,second rate intellect whose intellectual "logos" comprises sports magazines, pop-TV, foreign policy mentors like Valerie Jarret and his minions in the MSM-echo chamber.(He has some difficulty with what comprises the geography of the United States and trouble remembering/quoting political rhetorical masterpieces like The Gettysburg or the fundamental allegiance requirements of his own Oath of Office( to wit~Article II). As for his temperament, he's about as thin-skinned as a toy balloon and twice more likely to display "outbursts" in puerile petulance.
He IS the Son of the Father of Lies(also known as the MAN of SIN)
It is very possible that the Obama/NSA cabal has or contrived a radical embarrassment or criminally indictable activity on the part of Judge Roberts that (as against former Commander David Petraeus) was used to threaten with exposure or even blackmail this judge into duplicitous collusion in his decision finding BHO's ACA Constitutional (as a Tax) rather than a violation of the 14th Amendment. Remember BHO has used such tactics against 200 of our highest ranked Military officers and Commanders in the past years(even to the point of firing some for refusing to implement radical pro-homosexual "cossetting" against rank and file troops, sailors and airmen as well as blatantly intimidating forces for publicly maintaining/practicing Christian beliefs... while refusing to publicly abetting Islamic religious tenets and practices (like Honor killings)...
SOON THE "JOHN DEAN" of the OBAMA scandals will emerge. His famous "I have suborned" (for you Low-Info Bro, out there, it means: pressured to; bribed to; threatened to; or willingly and abjectly LIED). This will be the end of BHO as principal source of conspiracy to obstruct justice; failure to meet his obligations as Commander-in Chief and criminal negligence in Constitutional obligations to defend the 1st; 2nd; 4th; 10th & 14th Amendments...Deus Vult...
Lee is well-known here in Houston as the 5th Wards consummately ignorant, virago harridan congressperson. She once, for example, posted us a mailing that she supported ROE v. WADE (60,000,000 innocents slaughtered--mostly--for "convenience") because "it is the Law of the Land", decreed the the Supreme Court. We mailed her a question regarding her, therefore, probable support of the 1881 Supreme Court decision, DRED SCOTT. She did not deign to reply; perhaps eminently demonstrating the axiom that it is better to be regarded as a simpleton in silence than to confirm it with response...
Concertina (razor-complemented) wire was the fence accoutrement in Viet Nam. Claymore minds and White phosphorus hand grenades also helped to fortify American fire-bases. 6 barrel, electrically-triggered Mini-guns (and occasional 30 mm, six-barreled Vulcan canons)were also "border fortifying" weaponry in RVN...Just some suggestions to complement Senator McCain's idea of Drone surveillance and "posse" pursuit...
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Barack Hussein Gosnell

Mac 777 Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 12:17 AM
There will be a special place: a 10th Circle,wherein the damned are despised by Satan himself
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