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Congress can not authorize someone to violate our Constitutional rights. It is time for the voters to clean the house. The whole house. Republicans as well as Democrats.
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Consensus on Race in the High Court

Mac300 Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 8:51 AM
The Constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of race. Some have said that the lack of diversity is an indicator of discrimination on the basis of race. Diversity is not the goal. Equal treatment is the goal; and, the requirement of the Constitution. If The University of Texas is using race based admissions to achieve diversity, the tail is wagging the dog.
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Does the South Belong in the Union?

Mac300 Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 8:33 AM
If the North would like to kick us out, we would be happy to go.
Search warrants are not supposed to be issued without probable cause. Do you think that the US Government has probable cause to search your telephone records and listen to your conversations? The Mafia has more protection from government intrusion as you do. I am not waiting for Snowden to be tried. I am waiting for the impeachment of the "secret" federal judge who issued a warrant without probable cause; and, the trial of the NSA officials who have violated my civil rights. We were once the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are now a nation of sheep.
In day trading, if somebody wins, somebody loses. It is a zero sum game. (Or worse). The people who lose are stockpiling debt and will default someday. Surprise!!.
For the record. It is not acceptable to me. This program can easily become a tool of the secret police to snoop into, and disrupt, legitimate political activities, if it is not already. We know that Obama has pried into, and used, sealed divorce records of one of his political opponents. We know that he has used the IRS to harass Tea Party organizations and has used drones to kill US citizens on foreign soil. Well...not Obama, he didn't know, but people who worked for him. Who is to say that a truly wicked man, a Republican, might not to come to power and use these activities for nefarious purposes.
Pinochet overthrew the government, put people who opposed his views in prison and vastly improved the Chilean economy. He is a facist dictator and hated by the press. Fidel Castro overthrew the government, put people who opposed him in prison, in far greater numbers, and made Cuba the poorest country in Latin America. He is loved by press. Go figure.
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A Pattern of Perjury

Mac300 Wrote: Jun 04, 2013 8:48 AM
I expect that, in the President's eyes, Holder is doing a good job. He is doing what the President wants him to do. If Holder, or the President didn't want Fast and Furious to happen, someone would have been fired and prosecuted. If Holder and the President were outraged about a false affidavit to snoop on reporters, someone would have been fired and prosecuted. If they were outraged by the official oppression and civil rights violations by the IRS against Tea Party groups, someone would have been fired and prosecuted. We have a crisis here and, hopefully, Congress will not let it go to waste.
Sounds like "crony capitalism" to me. I'm guessing that the owner wanted out of the cheap lease and talked to a Congressman or the President about it. He will probably get a multi-million dollar"settlement" to cover his lost income and immediately re-lease for more money. Follow the money.
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The Senate Does the Bullying for the IRS

Mac300 Wrote: May 23, 2013 8:23 AM
Wrong! The government doesn't need Apples offshore cash. They can, and do, print all they want.
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