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No they won't. They'll be mad briefly then go back to propping Obama up.
What Harry Reid SHOULD say is, "For Six Years...I've been breaking the law, violating the constitution, defying the oath of office I took, and using every low down trick I could invent...to prop up the do-nothing Golfer in Chief president. Now I can't do it anymore. Rats."
But did Goodell realize Ray Rice's girlfriend had a CONCUSSION. He's have cared then!
I will bet you that there are NONE. ZIP. ZERO people who work 80 hours a week for decades and still live in poverty. None. Sure there's luck, absolutely, but if you find a job and hold it, work hard, stay in school, stay sober, stay out of jail.......you'll be surprised how lucky you get.
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First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules

MAC159 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 12:48 PM
If one million less children are eating the lunches then...are they bringing their own lunch? This doesn't seem bad to me. Just start serving less lunches to the kids who remain and hopefully they will start bringing their lunches too and finally....maybe...the school lunch programs will end. Which they should. It is not the duty of schools to feed children, it is the duty of their parents. The more government takes over for some parents, the more those parents allow them to take over until parents can pretty much leave all child raising to the government and guess what? The government is a TERRIBLE PARENT.
I was a feminist back in the 1970s, back when it was a fight for equal pay and a fight to kick open doors formerly closed to women, especially in the work place. These were solid changes that needed to be made. When did the feminist movement reduce itself to 24/7/365 abortion. They are willing to shame themselves--associate with awful, anti-women scum--for this one issue.
ATTENTION OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY...obsessed with racism, the pill, abortion rights...the 1960s would like their issues back.
You know who's a really great example of the American Dream??? Phil Robertson and the whole Duck Dynasty crew.
You know this isn't nearly as much as Al Gore has made with his Global Warming Scam. Talk about the 1%
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Our New Chief Diversity Officer

MAC159 Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 11:20 AM
Being utterly racist is now called diversity. In other news, Up is now Down.
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