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Let me get this straight. We should not be negotiating with Terrorist. Where have you been Mr. Boehner. The Fraud-in Chief gave eight Billion dollars to the enemy. As a matter of fact, he is the Terrorist. Egypt has charged Obama and Clinton for crimes against humanity. How many foreign troops. (Russian, Polish. Chinese etc.) are under Obama's orders, are here in the United States? Trained to kill Americans? I consider them Terrorist. Don't you Mr. Boehner? How about the Fema camps, and the thousands of criminals Obama let out of prison, to roam our streets, and commit more crimes. Wouldn't put it pass the fraud too give them jobs, in the Fema camps. Of course we the people are paying for them. Mr. Boehner, you are responsible for allowing the illegal usurper Squatting in the WH to destroy our once Great Nation. Do your job, and have him arrested for Treason. NOW!!!!!
Well, let's start with the Obama's. Millions for vacations, Fancy diners, Fancy wardrobe, for the misses, or Mr! Stock the bar with expensive liquor. And many more personal workers keeping, the WH in tip top shape.. Let's go to the security of the USA. Fema camps. That must have cost a bundle. Bringing in foreigners troops to keep us safe. RIGHT! NSA over a million dollars a DAY for water, to keep it cooled down.. Employees to keep it running smoothly. I think they get more then minimum wage. Maybe $10.10 an hour.. Aiding and abetting the enemy. I can go on and on, but I think you all the rest.
What I would like too know, what social security # do they use, to get signed up??
Obama's name is not on the house in Chicago. Fraud associated with that house.
I hope someone had a hidden mic on them!!!
You are correct Seawolf...He is a communist,and Benghazi is all his doing.If you want to see his timeline,add @aol.com to my un. I have plenty of info on him.
According to the US Constitution,Article11 and the 12th Amendment--if 1/3 of the States do not cast their votes in the Electoral College--then the matter falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the next President. We would need at least seventeen RED states to NOT cast their Electoral votes.
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