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Jesse Jackson: We Are Going to March on Gun Shops

M99A1 (Skyhawk95) Wrote: Jun 04, 2012 3:25 PM
Why the qualifier? Why not just publish the 2010 Top Ten Countries with Highest Murder Rates? El Salvador Cote d'Ivoire Jamaica Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Belize Guatemala Saint Kitts and Nevis Also if you are going only by firearms we are a distant fourth behind South Africa, Columbia, and Thailand. I know facts really suck when they blow your talking points to shreads don't they.

Last night in Racine, Wisconsin, while demanding jobs for the unemployed, Jesse Jackson decided to slam job creating gun dealers and called for a march on gun shops all over the country. h/t Katy Abram

"Guns out, jobs in."

Jackson wants to get rid of the very thing that has kept the economy afloat during Obama's presidency. The firearms industry has not only created jobs in the past three years but has also provided the government with a steady revenue stream.

NSSF today released...