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There are a number of gift shoppes at Gettysburg and no one is complaining.
Mowgli is the darkest "white" Indian I have ever seen.
Makes you think these little girls are just asking to get smacked up side the head in order to calibrate their thinking. Of course, I know they are merely tiny actresses (not much of an IQ needed there) repeating the lines of the PETA Nazi's, but talk about annoying.
Actually they would ~ the 2nd Amendment applies to arms which would include knives, swords, etc as well as firearms.
You God is named Holly? Is she hot?
Actually, it is just America reports and punishes her pedophiles. The Europeons and Asians on the other hand just look away and arrange trips and cruises to SE Asia to "sample" the local population.
Why the qualifier? Why not just publish the 2010 Top Ten Countries with Highest Murder Rates? El Salvador Cote d'Ivoire Jamaica Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Belize Guatemala Saint Kitts and Nevis Also if you are going only by firearms we are a distant fourth behind South Africa, Columbia, and Thailand. I know facts really suck when they blow your talking points to shreads don't they.
Nobody will be on the fence because it is to far to fall when you are LYAO.
Really? Then why is someone else having to do your fighting? Get a taser at least if you are so threatened.
That statement does not follow logic. Currently, Homicide assaults using a firearm only account for slightly over half of the murders in the U.S. If guns were taken out of the equation then another weapon would be substituted. The tool is not the problem, the fault lies in the operator.
If you drew attention to yourself at her wedding then you did make a scene. Anyone who causes a disturbance on the day of a wedding is a dog. You have no excuse.
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