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So this is the great "If they come at you with a gun ~ come at them (& their family) with a bulldozer". I like it.
Typical Government entanglement supported by the "what if" crowd. Just like healthcare there was not a serious problem (except tort abuse) until the Feds interfered and then they ignored the real problem while making up new ones.
And what if unicorns who fart butterflies appear? If your scenario were to be implemented Comcast would suffer the revolt of the consumer as their customers find an alternative provider. The American consumer is not so docile and would switch to DISH, HughesNet, or a local provider (i.e. Charter, etc.) instead of be denied what they want. Don't believe Comcast or AT&T are the only games in town, they are just the biggest with respect to advertizing.
But prostitution is illegal in most States, so there's that...
Prostitution is illegal in most States ~ how are you working around that?
I think (or at least I hope) that Ms. Lena is feeling the repercussions of passing fantasy fiction off as an autobiography. I pray for her sister's sake that she was just making up some twisted sh** and is now upset that people believe she is that sick.
No kidding, Ms. Phillips story totally freaked me out ~ I felt so bad for her and wanted to dig up her dad just to beat the he** out of him.
Actually that's not true: If these assaults took place in New York (where they lived) or in Connecticut (where they "summered") charges must be brought on sexual assault within five years. http://relieffundforsexualassaultvictims.org/resources/statutesoflimitationcrim-D.pdf Funny, when I was young and "summered" working in the hay fields in Tennessee I don't remember having the energy to move much less assault anyone at the end of the day.
You do know that as the claimant it is proper netiquette to provide support of allegations (http://www.albion.com/netiquette/rule6.html ; http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2009-10/02/the-wired-manifesto-for-online-etiquette.aspx). Although I am aware of the incidents you reference, providing a link in your comments would direct readers to your source. Whoever responds is also responsible to provide proof (link) to refute your claim. This would also allow you to easily swat the trolls when they fly off into the ether. Therefore, it is not the "bumpkins" who are at fault for questioning you since a search will likely turn up thousands (if not millions) of links of which only a handful would be valid sources (both in support and rebuttal) and the remainder would likely be pure trash. Give credit where credit is due to those who provide you with knowledge.
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