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Might want to rethink that ~ those of us alive at the time knew he was a raging bigot forced into Civil Rights legislation by Republicans and his own ambition. http://theblacksphere.net/2013/07/civil-wrongs-lyndon-b-johnson/ From 1940 to 1960 Johnson voted with the South 78% on civil rights issues. Prior to 1957, Johnson voted with the South 100% on civil rights issues. He also voted against the C.R.A. of 1957 and 1960.
I remember taking an upper-level exam in Artificial Intelligence at 10am MST on 9/11/2001 while pursuing my Computer Engineering degree. Nobody postponed tests there after the U.S. came under an unprecedented terrorist attack so why do this pansies need a delay because their feelings may be hurt?
I remember back in the '90s before the Tech Bubble burst I was telling people there was no actual money behind a lot of the Internet startups. They wanted to know as a computer engineer if I had an inside track & I said 'no, it's just common sense'. However, they still got ticked at me when the bottom fell out as if I had been keeping something from them. The same common sense should be applied to Uber ~ another app will kill it as dead as MySpace. Add to that more incidences like the the Uber driver's rape of a client in Delhi, India and watch business bottom out.
Good idea, that way the rioters/mob will have the whole night to burn down the town. Moonset at 7:04 PM in Ferguson so it will dark, partly cloudy night until the fires start.
So this is the great "If they come at you with a gun ~ come at them (& their family) with a bulldozer". I like it.
Typical Government entanglement supported by the "what if" crowd. Just like healthcare there was not a serious problem (except tort abuse) until the Feds interfered and then they ignored the real problem while making up new ones.
And what if unicorns who fart butterflies appear? If your scenario were to be implemented Comcast would suffer the revolt of the consumer as their customers find an alternative provider. The American consumer is not so docile and would switch to DISH, HughesNet, or a local provider (i.e. Charter, etc.) instead of be denied what they want. Don't believe Comcast or AT&T are the only games in town, they are just the biggest with respect to advertizing.
But prostitution is illegal in most States, so there's that...
Prostitution is illegal in most States ~ how are you working around that?
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