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Spell check is often as much a curse as it is a boon.
I love a 7 bone chuck steak well marbled and juicy. But it's almost impossible to buy a well marbled 7 bone chuck steak. All you can find are chuck steaks trimmed of fat and boned. The 7 bone steaks have real flavor that the trimmed, deboned steaks can't come close to. But today there's a war on taste.
Obama doesn't care what Americans want.
Well, she's rarely seen me cry, so it's a real shock to her when I do.
A better Jack Hinson link:
One man can make a difference. Here's another American sniper whose story should be told.
This movie made me cry at the end. My wife saw me crying and couldn't understand why.
The more guns there are in America, the less crime there is. MORONS like Neeson are incapable of getting it.
SNAP will never run out of funds as long as the government has unlimited overdraft protection. People weren't starving to death in the streets before SNAP. They wouldn't starve to death in the streets if SNAP went away. They'd be forced to get off their collective butts and go earn the money and we'd all be better off..
You have to wait until you're 70 to file for Social Security to get the maximum benefit. If you sit down and figure all the pluses and minuses, it just makes no good personal economic sense to wait until you're 70. just before I turned 62 I sat down with a friend and we studied the pros and cons and I filed on my 62nd birthday based upon our predictions about where the economy was going under Obama. Since then I have met he widows of too many men who died at 62 without filing and never got a dime of return on their decades of forced contributions. The first Social Security benefits recipient paid in under $25 and received just shy of $23 K in benefits. The handwriting on the wall was visible even then.
Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements. We were forced by law to pay into them on the promise that we would reap benefits when we hit "old age". Why did Social Security come about? Every president before FDR lived by the tenet that it is not government's job to provide for its people. "Old people" weren't being left to starve to death on the side of roadways even in the depth of the Great Depression. FDR was afraid the socialist governor, Huey "Kingfish" Long was gong to declare as a candidate for president and could cost FDR reelection. Social Security is one of the things FDR used to prevent that. The first recipient of benefits, Ida Mae Fuller, paid in $24.75 to Social Security and drew $22,888.92 in benefits. You'd think that would give government a clue about the future of Social Security.
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