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Why I Support the Second Amendment -- and Democrats Should Too

M444ss Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 6:47 PM
All good points by Sen Rubio. One additional point that the pols and pundits seem to be missing... It's not just that the legislation proposed, or recently passed in some states, would not have prevented Newtown and Aurora; the notion that they would have any positive effect, much less sufficient effect to justify infringing on explicit rights of the People, is demonstrably false.

As Congress prepares to consider new gun control legislation, I stand firmly against any attempt to restrict the constitutional rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners. As a concealed weapons permit holder, I value the freedom to exercise my Second Amendment right as protected by the Constitution and in accordance with gun laws designed to promote safe, responsible use. The right to bear arms is a unique and fundamental aspect of American liberty because, when exercised responsibly and in accordance with the laws in place, it makes our families and our property safer.

Last week, I announced I would join efforts to...