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Is Privacy Going to the Dogs?

M444ss Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 9:50 PM
Madison and Jefferson considered this a very dangerous point of view. You ought to find out why. (And very sad that you didn't learn why in grade school.)

The New Yorker magazine once had a cartoon showing a storefront office with the company name on the window: "None of Your Damn Business Inc." If it were publicly traded, the corporation's stock would be down this morning.

That's because of Tuesday's ruling by the Supreme Court in a case barely noticed amid the frenzy of interest in the arguments on same-sex marriage. The decision looks like a victory for personal privacy. But the beauty may prove to be skin deep.

The case arose after two Miami-Dade police escorted a drug-sniffing dog to Joelis Jardines' front porch, where the dog...