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.and MD residents with any sense will follow Beretta's lead and move out.
It's not just O'Malley. I took a job in Baltimore in 1988 and moved from VA to MD. They past anti-gun legislation that year (along with many other leftist measures.) I moved back to VA and commuted 100 miles per day until I found other employment. I swore then I'd never live in MD again.
Sadly (as a Virginian), my neighbors' election of a leftist governor immediately and completely took Virginia out of the running for Beretta's relocation. Congratulations, TN! Regarding the folks losing their jobs in MD, I am reminded of a quote from John Wayne. Those with any sense will find a way to move to TN with the company and keep their jobs (with the bonus of being in a much freer state).
I'm still struggling to understand how a tax law (sic) that originated in the Senate could be constitutional. If it's not a tax, then Roberts' own decision says it would be unconstitutional. If it is a tax - and this is crystal clear in the US Constitution, then he should have voted the law unconstitutional since the Senate is prohibited by the Constitution from originating tax laws.
In the generic sense, the US, Germany and Uganda are all states. When Congress writes a law about domestic policy in a supposed attempt to exercise its powers under the US Constitution, a state is clearly one of the Several States...Virginia, Maryland, New York, etc. In this sense, the Union is clearly not a state.
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GUILTY: For Just Being Christian

M444ss Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 11:21 AM
On an unrelated note, I now understand that the Leftist sympathy for Hamas over Israel is not simply anti-Semitism. It a sympathetic response to a group that also believes the only way to deal with those who disagree with you is to destroy them.
my brother had a colt python...the only thing of use I ever saw from colt...everything was unappealing, overpriced, or both.
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20 Examples of What Liberalism REALLY Is

M444ss Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 9:21 PM
#3 + #18: ... and don't mind the indiscriminate killing of wildlife if it's for the sake of windmills, ethanol and the like.
Don't worry. They have an endless supply of false complaints.
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