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Apples and oranges. Two wrongs don't makes a right. Pravda is alive and the US.
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A Legacy of Liberalism

M444ss Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 9:50 PM
"He cites a study showing that 'counties in America that had a higher proportion of slaves in 1860 are still more unequal today.'" In other news, over 90% of skiers who broke a leg wore socks during the 24 hours before to the accident.
Of course, my senator, Tim Kaine, argued on the floor of the Senate that it would be imprudent because the oil that would flow through the pipeline would be relatively dirty... as if the oil will never be used if we don't build a pipeline?? If it does go to Gulfcoast refineries, then it will simply go to China via Vancouver. Does Sen. Kaine really believe that will result in an environmentally friendlier outcome. Meanwhile, jobs and economic development are sacrificed. Some might call Sen. Kaine's comments intellectually dishonest. I prefer plainer language. The word lie comes to mind.
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Repealing the First Amendment

M444ss Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 1:22 PM
No better reason than this for the Republican-held state legislatures to all call for a convention to amend the Constitution for the express purpose of ratifying the so-called Liberty Amendments proposed by Mark Levin (except that his flat tax amendment needs to be replaced with a Fair Tax amendment).
No matter what else happens (SCOTUS or otherwise), the Congress should ultimately repeal the law in its entirety, to include dismantling the resulting bureaucracy.
Right on.
FHSAA spokesman Cory Sobers told me. “I believe the arm motion is what drew the flag and not the kneeling or the prayer.” ===== If the ref though the fall the instant the player raised his hand, this explanation makes sense (although still seems like an overzealous call). If the ref through the flag a few seconds later, certainly any time after the arm came down and the player took a knee, then this assertion is a lie. Given the rule, my advice to high school athletes is to mosey on over to the sideline before honoring fallen teammates, offering a prayer, or any other overt action that could be (mis)construed as above.
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The Presumption of Liberty

M444ss Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 10:15 PM
Not sure how you jumped from declaring independence to executive action re quarantine. Please cite the federal power in the US Constitution or the state power in the Maine constitution that empowers either executive to unilaterally impose a quarantine. With the cite, you have a reasonable argument; without it, you make no sense at all.
Every single state, county and municipal politician that voted for any laws or ordinances that aid and abet illegal aliens should be arrested and thrown in jail for ... aiding and abetting illegal aliens. They are responsible for every crime committed by these people.
Well, I'm not sure it was a real job. She got the job because of who she was, not what she'd done. While at the firm, it doesn't appear she did much that was useful. I suspect the "never had a real job" might a sarcastic comment related to a patently false statement by a Democrat currently running for Congress. In this case, it might be accurate to say she never did anything particularly useful in any job she's ever held (Rose, State Dept, US Senate, etc).
Well, clearly, jobs are created through appropriate government policies - laws and regulations - that empower the government to assure fairness. Right? By the way, she also has a bridge in NYC and some oceanfront property in Colorado for sale.
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