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Sad, but not surprising. (Wouldn't it take this level of ignorance, after all, to re-elect the current regime?)
Oh yeah... and calling for policies that will destroy our economy with no impact on this supposed phenomenon that is supposedly man-made. Brilliant.
Thicker ice at both poles, constant golbal average temperature for 19 years. Finatics and morons.
"We killed Romney’s election and we will kill others until the GOP understands that it can’t get people elected unless the candidate is generally inclined in the libertarian direction." Yeah, and you're destroying the country while you're at it. Four More years of Barry (and Harry) to save us from Romney seems pretty stupid. How much more of our freedoms and income will we lose with another leftist regime succeeding Obama just so you guys can make a point? Win the primary! But if you can't, don't punish the entire US by helping to elect a leftist.
"We've become so divided, so antagonistic, so morally separated that for the first time in over a century there are people asking hard questions how much we really have in common with other Americans. If you're comparing let's say a conservative from South Carolina to a liberal from California, the honest answer is 'not much that matters'." All the more reason to stop treating the federal govt as King and purveyor of fairness. If Californians want to put snails above farmers, cougars above jogger and the collective above individual rights, let them. They can do that without forcing South Carolinians to do the same.
Taxes should be for colelcting revenue to run the government, not for furthering the social "justice" goals of certain politicians. Scapt the income tax (as many states have done), and enact the Fair Tax!
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Why Democrat Ideas Don't Work: Reality

M444ss Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 12:26 PM
Re Cam25: Seems Cam is ignoring two very real facts. (1) While real spending on public education has increased exponentially over the last century, results have remained flat. Calling for more spending to resolve concerns about the state and quality of public education in the US is simply stupid. (2) Cam is blaming the students ("Private schools do quite well because they get to select their student body. Public schools do not.") rather than the folks controling teh education system. " least offer one concrete example of where your theories work." Well, it's axiomatic (see point #1 above) that Cam25's theories on public education have already failed.
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Obama's Forgotten "N" Word

M444ss Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 11:37 AM
Intresting perepctive. The tenets of Christianiy have been defined for us in the Bible and summarized in the Apostle's and Nicee Creeds. If your "very dfferent ways" are not consistent with these creeds, then I have to wonder what it is you believe and why you think it's okay (as a Chistan) to believe them. (I'm not saying you don't have the right to believe what you want, but you can't really say that non-Crisitan beliefes are Christian beliefs.)
I find Principal Val Wyatt pretty offensive. Perhaps he should be banned from having anything to do with the indoctrination - I mean, education - of children.
How very sad for you.
Well, considering his clear opinion of American, it's practically an insult.
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