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Rep Eshoo should stop whining about citizens wanting to follow our founding principles rather than his statism.
Until recently, I believed Obama thought he was untouchable because of a complicit media, a cultish party base and a large % of low-info voters. Now I'm starting to think he's trying to goad the House to hold impeachment hearings because he thinks it would be political suicide for the Republicans.
Fair Tax - right on!
All you have to do is go to the fair tax website to see the answers to your questions. Bottom line: income tax is immoral, consumption tax is not (which might have something to do with why the deep thinkers of 1787 banned the income tax).
Great article, which I will share, but... A common mistake, as in the first paragraph of this article, is taking the big 0 at his word. Just because he said he respects the Constitution (or wants to fix the economy, or doesn't want to take away your guns, or cares about children from Honduras), doesn't make it so. In fact, his actions over the last five years seem to demonstrate that he means nothing he says and only says things to persuade people (or the media) to let him get away with what he actually does (as opposed to what he claims he wants)..
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Misplaced Mercy In Arizona Execution Drama

M444ss Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 5:21 PM
The guy was asleep, even snoring. The prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment has nothing to do with the sensitivities of bystanders. There is no indication whatsoever that the convicted murderer was doing anything but slumbering peacefully - or simply unconscious - during this so-called "gruesome" event.
That's sort of like asking, "What if Patton's 3rd Army attacked London." It has not resemblance to reality. No one in Rockville is calling for the annihilation of Israel. Well, that might not be true, but no one in Rockville is sending rockets on a daily basis into Israel. No one in Rockville is basing the rocket launchers in elementary schools, churches and hospitals. The people are either complete ignoramuses, neo-Nazi anti-Semites, or both.
There seems to be a little confusion here. What she meant was: As a result of the "reset" Russia is now much stronger. It will soon reclaim it's position as a superpower and help move us all toward the leftist world order. Transformation? Yes, we can!
Free State? Is that like "Little John"...?
.and MD residents with any sense will follow Beretta's lead and move out.
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