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Another line crossed

M444ss Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 10:25 AM
Legal "1st term" abortion becomes legal partial birth abortion becomes legally sanctioned assisted suicide becomes Obamacare death panels soon to become (at least for the "intended audience") legally sanctioned "post-birth abortion." What's next? This makes me sad.

Something happens to ethics when it becomes a specialty. It becomes professionalized, certified, rarefied. It becomes something besides ethics. It becomes expertise, not thought or depth so much as focus. Specialization sharpens the mind by narrowing it. As in medical ethics or legal ethics or business ethics. Or, to use a phrase cynics consider an oxymoron, the ethics of journalism.

The new science of ethicism shouldn't be confused with ethics any more than theology is religion. But it's a common enough misapprehension as professional ethicists take the place of ancient sages who taught ethics, not reduced its scope. You can...