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White House Pretends Taxes Haven't Gone Up on Middle Class After Fiscal Cliff Deal

M30 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 11:00 AM
TO Katie Pavlich, Please write an article on all of the ways the SSI can be exploited. Elderly retirees that paid into the system and are taking their promised retirements are not the entitled class. THey were forced to pay into that corrupt system. THe entitled class are the ones who never intend to work, but draw from that system and the Ghetto Organizer in CHief taught losers to work the system forever. I have kids in classes that are 14-15 and get $780 a month plus EBT for PRETEND asthma. It is criminal, but they all know how to get it.

Despite Americans seeing a two percent jump in their Social Security taxes and less money in their bank accounts after the fiscal cliff deal was signed via auto pen on behalf of President Obama last week, the White House is pretending rates stayed the same. In an email to supporters yesterday, White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe wrote:

Hello --

I'll tell you what keeps driving me every day: the knowledge that people like you have our backs.

When President Obama asked you to make your voices heard to keep taxes from...