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Jindal: Let's Eliminate Louisiana's Income and Corporate Taxes

M30 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 12:25 PM
Aint, THe parasites would then have to pay the taxes as well. A sales tax properly priced (about 7%) on everything, would easily pay for government as long as there was no redundancy. But, the progressives would be without an endless stream of higher and higher revenue to buy votes. Bobby is trying to starve the parasites...good for him. S/F

A bold endeavor to be sure, but opponents of the plan ought not sell Bobby Jindal short.  He's already shepherded two sweeping reform packages into state law, he's earned high marks for exhibiting extraordinary leadership during a series of natural disasters along the Gulf Coast, and he was essentially re-elected by acclamation in 2011 -- carrying 66 percent of the vote.  Louisiana's can-do governor has now fixed his sights on uprooting the state's tax code and replacing it with an entirely new system.  Go...