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Marc ---- ahhh yes I see it ....clandestine slavery for those of us who produce to redistribute to those who do not. I must work harder so THEY can survive. You are quite correct that slavery is alive and well in the US. You convinced me. Thanks
D, are you saying that white christians tried to move away from slavery and tried to make the world whole again, and now it is encroaching again? Where? in the US?
neocornhole, you seem to forget one thing - that every group, race, ethnicity, and gender has been enslaved at a point in history. Jews were enslaved for about 2000 years, so please realize that as tragic and horrible the slavery of Africans, that our society in the US has moved forward and fights for the rights of those enslaved. I was never a slave or a slave owner, but in my lineage there were slaves, and in the 18th century my ancestors were endentured servance - not much different than slaves. So do some historical research before you spew anything. :-)
you really are slowis Osama Bin Crazy did that and yes it is real LO,,,,,go to the middle east and you would not last 10 minutes. THey hate liberals there, and that is why they attack us as they believe our moral bankruptcy is the root of all evil in the world, but we know it is our liberals who have destroyed all decency and moral behaviour
LOW one, THe poor have always had access to healthcare. It is not a right to get knee surgery - but if you have worked for it, and have earned the benefits through sacrifice and YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT AT YOUR WORKPLACE through payroll deduction - then access to healthcare is provided, but 'at a price'. NOTHING IS FREE LOIS!!!! We are suffering from generations of families that have never contributed one cent to the system, but a benefiting from my hard work. I pay ten times the premium so the loser lazy scum get stuff for free - HOW is this "fair" HOW
to see durbin (slimeball of the decade) turns my stomach. The VA in IL is the most corrupt of any organization. Bernie Maddoff was an honest, ethical person compared to the lowest worker in the IL VA. AFSCME and other union thieves manipulate and corrupt any and all aspects of the IL VA. The nurses union has some degree of ethics, but is completely self interested.
Aint, I lived in Scripps Ranch for about 20 years and the gross and colosal thievery in San Diego Co is numbing to say the least. I did not realize that the city counsel had gone to the commies... I no long live in San Diego as I retired from the USMC and now reside another commie bastian called gulp IL.....I truly came here to improve my situation but regret the move and should have bought farmland in a conservative state
The term is 'inflationne". A french term for - we are stealing from you again because you require more, so therefore we must require more. Very mysterious, this money supply thing.
I want a bazillion $ as a minimum wage---then a mcburger will cost a half bazillion....are they really that inept and clueless. What ever the wage a mcmeal will be =.
I guess this is why NY voters let Hillary Clinton squat on one of their senate seats when she has never had any skin in the game - because you fail to understand politics daaaa
Clinton and obama both decided they could control it for political purposes - I am retired after 25 years in spec ops - my closest friends that are still there know the truth - as it was all over the nets - clinton and her minions were closely watching and made a bad decision that killed an ambassedor and his crew - now the left is trying to get out it and they must be held accountable for their mistakes and poor decision making.......crucify them and all who think like them they are the evil enemy of the people and the nation
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