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Yes public sector unions are draining the coffers of the state and destrpying opportunities for families. AFSCME is the largest organized crime gang in the nation. Private unions - ok - if a CEO negotiates the profits of a private company away to a union so be it -Just don't ask for a bailout. Public sector unions steal from the taxpayers and politicians are culpable accomplices. Burn down the public sector unions.
low that is why I put TOO......they too can split their wealth..... you are dense
Let gays marry - due to their perverted nature they too can split their wealth by divorce several times during their lifetime. Equality for lawyers - they will represent anyone they can make money on. The whole thing is a ruse for legitimacy. Not intimacy. If they just wanted to have a lover and be left alone none of this theater would take place. They just want to shove it into the face of conservatives.
but the good news is that the Unions were paid off in order to re-elect Prez Zero. The redistribution of tax $ is still rampant. I am tired of paying for dems to get elected. yuck.
Mostly because disposable income from high earners is not spent on tatoos and piercings that are SO COOL!!! The high earners spend that money on food, tuition, and books. Not a real mystery here.
Terrorist: Exploits the weaknesses of others; encourages chaos; ignores laws, morals, disregards standards of conduct acceptable in civilized societies; steals natural resources and exploits for it own gain; uses media to cause fear and panic to restrict civilized peoples from normal daily activities; causes financial chaos by inderdicting normal commerce by any means necessary (to include regulation). I have described the demacrat party which is akin to the T-word.
Ok, I was born in Decatur, IL, to parents that are 7th generation and 9th generation in the USA - American Citizens..... can I ask an ICE agent for asylum so I can eat, sleep in a warm place, and get benefits better than citizens, with no tax burden? Where do I sign up. OK, I will not become a demacreetin just to get that deal.....but it does sound pretty good..
yes time to end this craziness. Violence with ultra-violence as that is all they understand
He will die stoically and courageously.
Docky, That is the only solution. They are nothing more than uncivilized animals - even PETA must agree that these cockroaches must be exterminated. It will mount over the next years and turn into a race war of some type. Many will squack and complain - but in the end when we finally act, there will be some symbolence of peace. It is the cycle that some who do not embrace the mores and values of civility, and they must be repatriated or eliminated.
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