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Terrorist: Exploits the weaknesses of others; encourages chaos; ignores laws, morals, disregards standards of conduct acceptable in civilized societies; steals natural resources and exploits for it own gain; uses media to cause fear and panic to restrict civilized peoples from normal daily activities; causes financial chaos by inderdicting normal commerce by any means necessary (to include regulation). I have described the demacrat party which is akin to the T-word.
Ok, I was born in Decatur, IL, to parents that are 7th generation and 9th generation in the USA - American Citizens..... can I ask an ICE agent for asylum so I can eat, sleep in a warm place, and get benefits better than citizens, with no tax burden? Where do I sign up. OK, I will not become a demacreetin just to get that deal.....but it does sound pretty good..
yes time to end this craziness. Violence with ultra-violence as that is all they understand
He will die stoically and courageously.
Docky, That is the only solution. They are nothing more than uncivilized animals - even PETA must agree that these cockroaches must be exterminated. It will mount over the next years and turn into a race war of some type. Many will squack and complain - but in the end when we finally act, there will be some symbolence of peace. It is the cycle that some who do not embrace the mores and values of civility, and they must be repatriated or eliminated.
$250 Bil is peanuts compared to the real redistribution of wealth scheme which forces new hires in the healtcare and government sectors. The new surgeon general is an obamanite disciple and will enforce exective orders over real law to gain the socialist ends. It is amazing that the American people followed the rest of the lemmings off the cliff. Just like today - we are being told low gas prices are bad, and high prices are good. Fight for freedom - as it is in peril.
Obama flooding the system with people who do not share the American value system. Fundamentally change by disenfranchising those who are loyal to this country, replacing us with socialist control freaks. Nice!
Demacrats are like my ex-wife - she (and they) cannot be wrong at anything because they do no believe in personal accountability. They easily and often find fault in you (me), but they refuse to listen to any discussion contrary to their thoughts or emotions. It is easy for them to label someone mean spirited, unpatriotic, or racist. But, if you suggest that they suffer from any flawed thinking or logic - then it is YOU that are at FAULT - then of course the circle of (lack of logic) begins again in their mind. Very twisted but accurately depicts the minds of libs (and my ex-wife.)
Jeff - did you see the disdane and contempt on O's face at the beginning of the speech. He hates America with his entire being. He is trying to ruin this nation and he will use every pawn and every tactic to do it. I believe the officer did all he could, but had to save his own life in the end. The conversation that the Prosecutor and all are trying to say is that we have spent trillions on education, and the inner cities and racially dominate suburbs still savages. The actions of last night and last summer is why there is no respect for that community. After trillions of $ in welfare, subsidies, education, and SS payments for fraudulent disabilities - they still are unciviliezed thugs. It is a shame and we should stop funding them. Build more prisons, put people to work.
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Ferguson Grand Jury Has Reached A Decision

M30 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 4:47 PM
I believe the finding of the grand jury will be out in 48 hours. THe state asked for some time to prepare so who knows
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