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Tell this old shredded wheat to go away - he is a turncoat - I do not like demacreetins but I hate disloyalty. If he is willing to flip - he would flip back in a heartbeat. Disloyalty in any form should be severely punished - worse than being a thief.
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Have You Met...Rep. Matt Salmon?

M30 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 2:37 PM
The taking back of this nation from the thugs, morons, kept, coddled, supported leftist is going to bumpy and unpalateable, but we must act soon before they outnumber us 10:1
Everything terrorists do is symbolic. I am sure this was the absolute intention of the day they (he ) chose to give the speech. His inauguration should have been on April fools - as the joke is on us that our constitution only is enforceable if one plays by the rules set forth in the document. Not the letter of the laws, but the spirit of the law. The dems are forever attacking the letter of the law in order to disrupt and corrupt the spirit of the law which is how most people of with common sense and ethics view laws in the first place. We are doomed as a nation. Soon I fear.
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Analysis: D.C. Decriminalizes Marijuana

M30 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 2:44 PM
a different way to buy votes for demacreetins. get them stoned, promise them more free mjane and food stamps for the munchies - and they will get out and vote in November.....this country will be conquered soon - and the dems are culpabable. Our nation is overrun with illegals, criminals, stoners, and immoral freaks. THey all vote for obama types to keep any decency from prevailing again. we are doomed-
SOmeone talked of gang mentality of the demoncrats. Yes a band of thugs trying to bully everyone into submission like a union gang. Keep grieving meaningless drivel until management gives in to all demands. That is how the left operates - they are great at the beatdown tactics. We must resist and not grow weary of their constant attacks on decent society. They are perverse and corrupt and continue to attack normal people and try to turn people's normal good thoughts against us. Again, we get up in the morning thinking about doing our best all day, and they get ;up every afternoon conspiring to subvert and pervert all that is great about this nation. Cockroaches. One ruins things, many ruin everything for everybody.
It makes no difference how they look - it matters that their thoughts, actions, and philosophy is logically flawed and their belief system is not that of an American. THis is why this human needs to be stopped. Owning a gun is not so that a crazy person can attack innocense, it is so sane people can protect themselves. ALso for sport shooting and hunting. This is a distraction from the real issue that the left a flakes and phonies, and need to be voted out of power forever or we are doomed as a Nation.
Fundamentally change Amerika - like putting non-ameriKans in key positions. People that think our way of life is appauling - like people of kenya, and other nations with a different culture 180 degrees from ours. Rugged individuals usually win, 'b' males get conquered. yes obammy is disenfranchising the American way of life.
I hate to say it, but the gangs in the cities have it right. The law of the jungle still applies - kill or be killed - survival of the fittest. We must be stronger, smarter, faster and more cunning than the enemy - fight dirty just like they do. I get up every morning and think about getting coffee going to work, and completing all the tasks for the day. THe left gets up every afternoon and tries to subvert and pervert everything that normal people work so hard for.
Whitebeard, Yes the administration costs will dilute profits for doctors, cause those who would go into that profession to chose something else, dilute the entire industry with mediocraty, and marginalize even more intelligent people. Additionally, a large number of people will perish due to poor care, rationed care, or care too valuable to 'wasted' on older Americans with a short time to benefit from the expensive procedures. This is how the left plans on taking over for good. Eliminate those that stand in their way of complete control. They are fighting us on all fronts; healthcare, welfare, immigration, taxes, moral decay, social and cultural attacks, religious freedom attacks - all designed to eliminate normalcy, decent people, and anyone left with ethics. They will win, as they are attacking on all fronts. We are doomed.
If the conservatives win, America wins. If the demaslime win, America loses. We must win at all costs, and we must stick to our moral compass. No mistakes - no overspending - no stealing from future generations. This is not a KINGDOM where the spoils of the nation are bestowed on the monarchy or pillaged by the monarchy. Responsible and frugal government is our duty, it is our mandate, and it must be our constant vigilant pursuit iin order to maintain our sovreignty.
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