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Guns don't abort 3,000 preborn preschoolers DAILY in the U.S.,...neo Nazi Democrat policies do. Main stream media and unions are independently the 2 most wealthiest and powerful lobbying groups...not the NRA. VOTING FRAUD 'DISENFRANCHISES'
For too many years lame stream media has been telling everyone that the NRA is the biggest lobbying group but you'd have to be blind to not have noticed that the unions are the largest and wealthiest lobbying group. Since 2008 the old established union power was never more bold and obvious in every election and recall since then across the nation. UNIONS ARE THE WEALTHIEST AND MOST POWERFUL LOBBYING GROUP.
Michael savage utter the same thing a couple of months ago too. They've fallen for the ancient Humanism philosophy - 'man is born good with good intentions but the world around him screwed him up'. Sounds like the ACLU thought that up. We been told for ever by lame stream media that the NRA is the largest lobbying group yet we've seen the well established power of the unions as being the largest and wealthiest lobbying group since elections (and recall elections) of 2008 and on. Unions are the wealthiest and largest lobbying group.
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Clarifying America's Gun Culture

M2-carbine Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 12:48 PM
Castas at it again? Couple of years ago he was already spouting off about guns during a football game. He's got to go! We've been told for eon's by lame stream media that the NRA is the biggest lobbying group when in fact the largest and wealthiest lobbying group are the unions. The proof of established union power couldn't have been clearer then when it became apparent in elections (and, recall elections) since 2008. Feel free to spread this insight around!
LOL Is there a picture ID requirement for signing these petitions? Can Democrates sign those session petitions? Animals? UNIONS ARE THE LARGEST NATIONAL LOBBING GROUP.
I said it 4 years ago after the election and I'll say it again after this one, CONQUER LAME STREAM MEDIA! In other words, own it. We beat ourselves because as conservatives we're too cheap to own and start major conservative TV and radio media outlets. UNIONS ARE THE BIGGEST LOBBYING GROUP! DEMOCRACY FOR THE UNBORN! VOTING FRAUD DISENFRANCHISES EVERYONE!
I bet it's about creating a government funded/run flight school program which of course falls under "jobs created" in the unionized public sector just like public education not the non union private sector. This could indicate that the federal government might next take over major U.S. commercial airline buisnesses. UNIONS ARE THE BIGGEST LOBBYING GROUP IN THE U.S.
Since laws against rape (in the civilized world) don't work what's next...banning penises to end rape? VOTING FRAUD DISENFRANCHISES EVERYONE
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My Thoughts on the Election

M2-carbine Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 3:49 PM
Fear is normal, it's part of being human it's not to be dismissed because fear is a great motivator. The apostles on that little dingy were PANIC stricken to the point they were dysfunctional and couldn't think straight losing their witts and were most likely ready to bail out of the boat. I'm sure some of them left their finger nails stuck in the wooden sides they were so scared. Jesus was essentially saying is "Don't give up when the chips (ships) are almost down or are down". Even Jesus was affraid, "Father, why has thow forsaken me",but he didn't give up. David was militarily out of his league when it came to facing Goliath, he didn't panic and give up. Paul said, "Finish the race". "Press on Christian soldier". "Nevva say nevva".
VOTING FRAUD DISENFRANCHISES EVERYONE! UNION, MEANS: TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! DEMOCRACY FOR THE UNBORN! Democrates like to rally around the word Democracy so much I figured why not use it against them on the abortion issue then I also cued in on the disenfranchisement issue too to spin that against them. They don't like me...LOL. :)
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