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Why it’s Romney and Not Very Close

M1946W Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 8:02 AM
You're a liar. Democrats are the ones who are the segregationists, who fought tooth-and-nail against civil rights. Once they saw the battle was lost they immediately did a turn-about and tried to take credit for the whole thing. As to the bailouts, most of the Bush bailouts have been re-paid (with a profit to boot.) The Fed is reporting a $17.7 billion windfall from AIG. The only bad news is GM, the auto company Obama supposedly saved. It's bleeding red ink and will eventually have to go through bankruptcy again. GM execs want the government to sell our stock at a huge loss so they can be free to hire the best talent (or loot the company faster.) I'm all for that because no matter what happens GM was not and is not a viable company.

If you were expecting a cliff hanger, you still could get one, but really it’s Romney and it likely won’t be close.

There are a few reasons why I think that.

We will delve into those, but we will also look at the voting datapoints provided by pollster Chris Wilson that say an Obama win just isn’t in the cards.

First, let’s list my “feelings” as to why I don’t think Obama will win.

Obama hasn’t delivered.

On anything.

Except perhaps bankrupting anyone who wants to operate coal-fired power plants.

Oh, and keeping gas prices high.