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Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns

M1946W Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 8:53 AM
I think the thrust of our argument should be that a gun is a deterrent to those who would do us harm. When that deterrent is absent violent crime flourishes. Liberals admit this when they refuse to back up their rhetoric by putting up a gun-free zone sign on their homes. The gun-free zone is, in fact, a magnet to lunatic mass- murderers looking to secure their place in history. Given the facts I think liberals can be defeated by putting forward the charge that liberals don’t mind sacrificing a few more children on the altar of Progressivism if they can exploit the tragedy for their own selfish ends.

You’re snug in your cabin in the mountains outside of Big Bear, California. Snug, but fearful. They’re searching for a killer near you. A terrifying, heavily armed former cop from Los Angeles who has gone on a killing rampage.

Suddenly you hear gunshots. You part the curtains to look outside ... and there’s the man whose picture you’ve seen countless times on TV over the past few days running toward your house as he returns fire to police officers in pursuit.

Just a few weeks ago you had been considering buying an AR-15 just in case it might be needed to...