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Finland Threatens to Leave Euro Rather Than Pay Debts of Others

M1946W Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 8:45 AM
There are none quite so virtuous as a reformed sinner. :-) Perhaps they're also in a unique position to understand what happens when fiscal insanity reins.

The Independent reports Finland warns of euro exit rather than pay debts of others

FINLAND would consider leaving the eurozone rather than paying the debts of other countries in the currency bloc, Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen has said.

In a newspaper interview today she said she'd consider crashing her AAA-rated country out of the eurozone.

“Finland is committed to being a member of the eurozone, and we think that the euro is useful for Finland. Finland will not hang itself to the euro at any cost and we are prepared for all scenarios.

“Collective responsibility for other countries' debt, economics...
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