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It used to be that scientists were seekers of truth. An idea was put forth then facts were gathered to determine if the proposal could stand in the light. That has changed as science has become increasingly politicized. Now the conclusion is predetermined based on social policy and only the facts supporting it are allowed to come to light. Facts not supporting or contrary are suppressed or ignored. For academics involved in the sciences it used to be ‘publish or perish’. With the advent of government controlled grants that’s now become ‘publish what we want to hear.’ Anyone not toeing the line will be subject to repression and blacklisting of their work as was seen in the ClimateGate emails. Were it not for the Federal Reserve, government controlled grants, along with public sector unions, would probably be the most heinous abuses visited on our citizenry by liberal elitists.
Senator Murray's newspaper of choice is the Seattle Post Intelligencer. The name says it all as there wasn't enough intelligence there to avoid bankruptcy. The leftist PI continues as an internet ghost though who beyond Murray and a few hard-core leftist followers of opinion writer Joel Connelly continue to read it is unknown. Senator Murray is a perennial favorite to win the Senate's Rocket Science Award, an acknowledgement given each year to the Senator judged the dumbest of the dumb by their peers. The only ones dumber are the ones voting her in. So how, you ask, could someone who can’t balance a checkbook deal with complex budgets issues? The answer is she can’t. She is simply following the orders of Harry Reid and the Democratic leadership. That’s the limit of her capability.
You would be sunny too if you were leaving for no expense spared private vacation. Or should I say another no expense spared private vacation. Meanwhile back in the land of reality millions are losing their health insurance coverage and the deluge has just begun. Insurance companies are in shock and disarry as our dictator in chief illegally continues re-writing the law while Congress dithers. Next year, 2014, will see Medicare benefits cut and countless seniors unable to find a doctor or hospital willing to accept them. Millions more will see layoffs and cut-backs whle the go-along-to-get-along RINO establishment is simply too scared to play pin the blame on the donkey.
This is the first mention I've seen of two of the numerous 800-pound gorillas in the room set to become visible January 1st, 2014, namely the 3.8% tax on “unearned income” and the 0.9% increase on the employee portion of the Medicare tax. Both should be a blow to our staggering, stagnating economy. Note that while both are called a Medicare tax none of the revenues will actually wind up in Medicare coffers. Add one other gorilla, the cuts to Medicare, which will leave many seniors unable to find a doctor or hospital who’ll accept them and I don’t wonder why Democrats up for re-election in 2014 are running scared.
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Our Fragile Planet

M1946W Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 1:10 PM
According to geologists 4-1/2 billion years ago the earth was a molten ball of magma. It didn’t need a bunch of eco-wackos to save it then and it doesn’t need them now. As usual to advance their agenda the Left must deal in lies. They use the term ‘save the planet’ but they really mean at best is ‘save our own skins’ and at worst ‘force our views on everyone.’ Of the scientists signing the letter leading to the formation of the UN’s IPCC several skeptics did so only after receiving death threats against themselves and their families, hardly a valid, scientific method of reaching a consensus.
The Democrats already have a plan to cut the population in half. It's called ObamaCare. Oh wait! It's been such an embarrassment to The One they now refer to it as the Affordable Care Act. (I don't know what they'll call it once it becomes obvious it isn't affordable.) To get back on point the cuts to Medicare taking effect this next year to support increases in Medicaid are the Democrat’s Final Solution to the problem that they’ve raided the Social Security for so long that they don’t have the money to pay out to all those retirees. So they’re throwing seniors under the bus then tossing the bodies off a cliff. Some of those lucky Medicaid recipients will be joining them since Medicaid patients having surgery are far more likely to die than people with no insurance at all having the same procedure. I don’t really mind it so much that you don’t really understand all that’s going on around you nor that you let Democrats screw you over while claiming to be helping you. What I do mind that I’ve paid all these tax dollars into the education system to produce someone whose grammar stinks and can’t even spell.
The media used to call it ‘global warming’ but now they’ve had to switch to ‘climate change’ when the models couldn't track know climate data. Similarly the media used to crow about ObamaCare until the recent troubles. Now they call it ‘the ACA.’ When the media finally figures out it really isn’t affordable they’ll blame it all on the ‘obstructionist Republicans.’ What’s really scary though is when ObamaCare collapses and they roll out single-payer. Doctors will effectively become government employees with a high probability that, like the IRS, they’ll be used to punish the liberal’s political enemies. Coupled with cuts in Medicare this may prove to be a very effective ‘final solution.’
To add to the destruction are all the tax increases set to begin in January. Those paying more for their health insurance will find they have less money to pay with as the Medicare tax increases (but the money doesn't go to Medicare.) Then there's the new tax on capital gains, a 3.8% tax on asset sales that should work wonders to get our stagnant economy moving again, unfortunately in the wrong direction. Meanwhile gullible seniors will soon find those AARP supplemental plans they bought are virtually worthless since fewer and fewer doctors and hospitals will accept them as government payouts plummet. No wonder so many Democrats are trying to distance themselves from this disaster. May they find no place to hide.
It's worse than you know. Besides the threat of having your personal information on a website designed by incompetents recall these same incompetents also have legislated a requirement for electronically shared medical records. The Goldwater Institute is suing with the claim the law violates privacy rights.
No, other than one's tax refund they can't confiscate assets. And the law certainly does not permit putting anyone behind bars. Section 5000A of the Internal Revenue Code expressly states you cannot be criminally prosecuted for failing to pay the penalty.
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