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If Hillary wins it will be because she is a women and not because of her record although her record beats Obama by a mile. Romney would be good and so would Perry. As far as being a radical, Hillary is not quite as bad as Obama but she is just a pol interested in power, not the average American.
Lets hope it is the Kiss of Death for all Democrats.
Like Obama they lie like snakes.
She is like Obama without his teleprompter.
When hundreds die in America due to a terrorist attack their blood will be on Obama and the Democrats, Any fool would secure the border.
Lower taxes to help small business grow. What a novel idea. Stimulus packages do not stimulate job creation. Lower taxes do. A concept a damn socialist can't understand.
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Bye-Bye Burger King: High Taxes to Blame

M.K. Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 9:00 AM
I will not be boycotting Burger King. Obama wants people to work for the government. It should be the reverse. Any idiot can see the damage done by high taxes. I cant wait to shove a Cheese Whopper into my pie hole.
You shoot as many times as it takes to stop the threat. Since the last shot was only a few feet away and Brown started his charge thirty five feet away, it stands to reason that Brown kept on coming despite being shot several times and did not stop until the fatal head shot was delivered from a few feet away. This is not to hard to understand but the agitators are not looking for justice, they want vengence.
They don't want justice. They want someone to pay.
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The Media and the Mob

M.K. Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 12:26 AM
These damn people don't want justice. They want a lynching to satisfy their thirst for revenge.
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