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The best place for wild game is between the gravy and the potatoes. Mmmm mmmm good. If you think a one shot kill is cruel, watch a pride of lions take down an antelope and eat ti while its kicking. Better to feed the locals whose stomachs are bloated from malnutrition than worry about the animal.
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Obama: I'm Just Telling The Truth Now

M.K. Wrote: 13 hours ago (5:53 PM)
Coming from a politician that lies like a damn snake, I doubt it.
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Obama: It's Lonely Doing All The Work

M.K. Wrote: 13 hours ago (5:50 PM)
Work? What work?
Just another indication that the gutter has come to power in the Democrat Party.
And the taxpayer has to foot the bill for a crises created by the Obama Administration. They knew this was coming months ago and did nothing to stop it
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Guns in the Home

M.K. Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 10:38 AM
I keep my guns locked in a metal cabinet. The best way to secure a pistol for quick use is to buy one of those pistol safes that use your finger prints to open. Also, keep your ammo separate from your guns. Gun ownership may be necessary for self preservation in the lawless society that Obama wants. .
Lets hope he gets a real stroke.
Progressivism is perverse and Obama is a true believer in the destruction of our Republic of Laws.
The rat eared traitor doesn't care about border security. He is willing to roll the dice with Americas safety to advance his perverted progressive agenda.
Time to remove the Emperor from the office he has disgraced.
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